Minnesota Wine

It turns out that Minnesota wine is quite tasty. We’ve only been to one local winery so far, but plan on hitting up a few more, if not this Fall then next year.  Our first winery tour was at Winehaven where they make some fantastic mead among other wines, such as a very tasty Icewine (made from grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine).


Overall it was a nice day with an interesting tour. The winery has been in one family, and it turns out, they didn’t always make wine. Their label has a bee because originally the business was all about honey, and would explain why they have such tasty mead, is my guess. We arrived during their Rhubarb festival – the only time of year they make a Rhubarb wine that sells out pretty fast along with their Strawberry Rhubarb wine. We got both bottles and plan on opening them sometime this winter as apparently the Rhubarb, especially, gets an even better flavor around December.

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