Week 32

While this pregnancy has a lot of similarities to my pregnancy with Enzo, there are also some definite differences.  One new thing is that over the past couple of weeks I started to develop a super itchy rash on my belly.  I had hardly any stretch marks with Enzo and suddenly I started getting more with bumpies and despite lotion, nothing was helping the itchiness. Like itchy to an extreme. So, I called the midwives and they said it sounds like PUPPS or pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy. They also said I can use hydrocortisone cream and Benadryl, but I think I’m going to look into oatmeal baths and more recently I read that Dandelion Root can apparently help as well.  I can’t even describe how uncomfortable it is, though, and from what I understand it doesn’t go away until after you give birth. On top of that… it’s spreading, so yay.

 Week 32

Aside from that fun, we’re both doing well and Baby Girl continues to be super active doing somersaults and one can only guess what else.  I have my next checkup tomorrow actually, so I should have a better idea of how much she currently weighs and all of that good stuff then.  I think it’s safe to say, though, that I’m looking forward to November a lot. 😉

17 Months

It’s amazing what a difference a month, or sometimes even a week can make in the life of a toddler. We’re at that fun age where Enzo is getting really good at copying and tries to mimic words all the time now. It’s awesome, plus is starting to make things much easier in the communication department because he can actually tell us what he wants!  Hopefully I’m not repeating myself too much, but here is what Enzo is up to lately.


Favorite Words/Phrases/Etc.

-“Go Away.” This is actually pretty cute because we’ve had a fly problem lately because someone keeps leaving the screen door open *cough* Enzo *cough* so he’ll wave his hand at them and tell them to “Go way.”

-“No, Mine.”  Still a favorite.

-Hi and Bye. He says “Bye” more often, though, or “Buh-bye” rather.

-Meow. His latest thing, which he says when he sees his stuffed kitty and the really kitties, usually followed by “Oh no” because the cats run away from him. Pretty much all animals says “Meow” though, except cows – he’s getting good with recognizing that they say “Moo.”

-Jump – Or something that sounds kind of like “Djump” with more D than J, followed by the action.  Poor kid gets pretty frustrated when he can’t get his feet to leave the ground at the same time, though.

-He started saying “Thank you” or rather “Tank Ooo” just recently and he is starting to say “More Peez” as well, but that takes a little more coaxing.  He likes to hand you things and say “Tank Ooo” such as when emptying the cupboards or the dishwasher.


He is also still pretty obsessed with balls and cars/trucks, as well as slides, and (to my dismay) climbing. The kid tries to climb just about everything, and while he’s pretty careful we’ve had those moments where some big tumbles have occurred and we’re lucky he hasn’t broken something, especially now that he thinks falling on purpose can be oh so much fun.


The kiddo is definitely growing up and sometimes it surprises me how independent he is at times and how stubborn he can be as well, though that really shouldn’t surprise me. 😉 The switch from crib to toddler bed has gone really well overall, though we made some other bedroom changes that threw him off, and he’s been wanting to sleep with us the majority of the time, so we’re working on that.  He also suddenly decided he no longer needs a nighttime bottle. Just like that.  It used to be such an integral part of bedtime, but I guess that changed once his bedroom became more of a big boy room. Now he wants to read books (mostly him to us) and we do struggle a little getting him to settle down for bed. Often we’ll leave the room and he’ll start banging on the door to be let out, but we’re hoping he’ll get used to the new routine soon.   Now it’s just other weird little changes in personality we have to work with, such as not wanting to have his diaper changed or not wanting to take a bath.  The fun never ends! 😉

Daddy’s Little Helper

We recently bought a cheap love seat (from IKEA, of course) for our upstairs living room… more like play room, and this weekend Josh and Enzo put it together.


As hard as this age can sometimes be, I do also love it because Enzo gets so excited about so many new things, and he definitely wanted to help his daddy put together the new couch.


Granted, you still have to watch him fairly close because for some reason every new thing has to go into his mouth, like bolts, washers, etc.  And even when he spits it out and makes yuck face… he’ll still put it back in.  Toddlers.


Even though Josh could have finished much more quickly on his own, he was very patient and let Enzo help him put bolts in the holes and since we’ve been working with Enzo on “Please” and “Thank You” a bit, when Josh began putting together Baby Girl’s crib later on in the day, he would hand each bolt/screw to Josh and say, “Tank Ooo.”  Pretty much the cutest thing ever.


Perhaps we should get this kid a play tool set or something since he’s been eyeballing the real ones all week, and has thrown a tantrum or two when denied the hammer or measuring tape.  With the walls painted, we’ve been trying to get things in order around the house now – I think I’ve hit the nesting stage or something because I haven’t been this productive in… well, it’s been a while. We won’t dwell on just how long. 😉


Week 31

While I’d love to say I’m glowing with joy and loving being pregnant… I’m kind of ready for this part to be done.  Not to complain because I know I’m fortunate to be having another baby, but there are days when I’m just tired of all the not-so-great symptoms of pregnancy.

Week 31

I think perhaps it would be easier if Enzo was a little older.  Right now we’re still going through typical toddler stuff for his age, but it can be exhausting and I can’t really explain to him why I can’t carry him around as often as he’d like or why i can’t sit on the floor for as long or yada yada yada due to back aches and you name it.  While I certainly don’t want Baby Girl arriving too early, I’ll admit that I’m looking forward to having my body back… sort of.

Week 31-2

She’s doing well, though, from what I can tell, and that really is all that matters.  The next two months will probably fly by, so I’ll suck it up and do my best to glow as much as I can and focus on all the good changes coming up rather than wondering how we’re going to function as a family of 4.

At least Enzo woke up sassy and full of energy this morning, despite being up late last night and having a really hard time sleeping.  He was super stuffed up and has had a really runny nose for a couple of days.  He was not interested in going to bed last night and after about half an hour or so he decided he didn’t want to stay in bed anymore because he couldn’t sleep, so we let him sleep with us… again.  We all tossed and turned, and part of the problem has been the temperature.  If it’s not too cold, it’s too warm, and I think Enzo is still adjusting to some room changes.  We tried to not rearrange his room too much, but we did take the rocking chair out and moved his dresser, and that may have thrown him off.  The past two nights I’ve gone to give him his bottle (which he usually demands) in the new nursery, but he only has a few sips and wants to go to his room, so apparently we aren’t going to have any issues weaning him off the bottle – he’s just decided he doesn’t want/need it anymore.  Granted, we’ll see how long that lasts.  He also has been a bear when it comes to changing his diaper and taking a bath, so I’m really hoping he’s done with that soon.  I’m finding it  a lot harder to wrestle a toddler these days. 😉

The simple things

It never ceases to amuse me how Enzo will find some random object to be the most awesome thing ever.  Obviously things like boxes and blankets rank pretty high, but the other day it was my rolling pin.


Not entirely sure why… but this isn’t the first time. The last time he got a hold of the rolling pin, he took it out on the deck (we didn’t realize he had it) and Josh found it the next day when he was mowing the lawn.  I guess he decided to toss it over the railing.  Toddlers.




I guess I should stop spending money on actual toys and just let him peruse the kitchen and rest of the house for the next object of obsession.  Whatever gets him out of the sink.  Yeah, lately he just wants to hang out in our bathroom sink, which is fine while I’m getting ready for work, but I don’t exactly want to hang out in the bathroom all the time.


Oh, toddlers.