Rain, rain…

Well, we were going to go camping this weekend, but the cooler temperatures and constant chance of rain made us decide to stay home.


So, instead we actually got a lot done around the house and Enzo got to spend the afternoon with his Grandma Kim while Josh and I saw Star Trek with Josh’s dad.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and I was much less bummed about not camping. 😉


On Sunday we went to IKEA and grabbed a few things for the house, and would have picked up some flowers, but this is not my idea of good planting weather. Perhaps Enzo and I will go buy some flowers for some pots next weekend. I’ll probably still try and grow a few veggies, even though it’s getting late in the season to do so, but lettuce and spinach grow pretty quickly and I’m sure I can find a few other things to try as well since with the move we got a late start.


As for other things, not much else is new. Josh took a 14 week photo while we enjoyed a little time on the deck Friday night before the cooler temperatures rolled in. I still haven’t felt the Burrito moving around, but I imagine by 16 weeks I should feel the familiar flutters again.

Week 14

All in all, we had a decent weekend, and I’m looking forward to a short work week.  It’ll be just Enzo and I next weekend, so hopefully we’ll find something fun to do besides grocery shopping.  Alas, according to the forecast it’s rain… all week until Sunday, so let’s hope that’s wrong.  Otherwise, I guess it’s a good excuse to continue and get the house unpacked, which in itself is a good feeling.  Plus, we have a very adventurous little man who has discovered what fun it is to climb the boxes and has managed to get stuck in between boxes and furniture more times than I can count, so getting the house in order is kind of a high priority.  On that note… my guess is I won’t be posting very frequently until that happens. 😉


Moving and Such

We’ve been so busy with the move, that I haven’t had much time to sit down at the computer.  I’m 14 weeks, and we took this photo on the 5th (almost 13 weeks).  I’m still surprised at how much more I’m showing this second time around as compared to Enzo, which I’m told is fairly normal. It probably didn’t help that the only way to stave off morning sickness this time around was to make sure something was in my stomach at all times and the only things that sounded good were bagels and things of that nature. I’m looking forward to a lot of walks this summer and hopefully I can keep the baby weight down. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that my body will never be the same as before Enzo came along, but I imagine I’ll get the weight off faster this time around with a toddler to chase around. Anyhoo, as far as we know our little Burrito is well if the growing tummy is any indication.

Week 13

Enzo seems to sense that something is going on, though.  He keeps lifting my shirt up to see my belly, and I tell him there’s a baby inside, but he doesn’t really know what that means even though he definitely knows something is different.  He’s going to be such a good big brother.


Not much else is new.  Enzo continues to walk more and more each day and has started using sign language a bit more now that he sees the other big kids using it in day care. He gets a little confused with “Milk” and “More” but we’re all slowly getting better at communicating. He makes us laugh daily as he explores the world around him. A couple weekends ago he discovered dust particles in the sunlight and when he couldn’t catch them in his hands, he tried with his mouth… it didn’t work out. 😉


Granted, we have our rough patches and he gets frustrated when he can’t communicate, run instead of walk, or make things work the way he wants them to.  We’re trying to give him as much independence as we can and are trying to let him grow up at the pace he wants to as well as giving him more to do.  We’re going to try and get him off bottles soon, or at the very least get him to a point where he’ll drink cold milk on his own since he prefers it warm still and won’t drink it cold, generally. He’ll often hold his bottle on his own, but not on a regular basis. Soon, though. He seems more ready now, so I think the switch from bottles to just sippy cups is right around the corner since apparently he uses his sippy at day care much more than at home.  I can’t believe how big this boy is getting. It’s been fun giving him a fork at meals now.  He doesn’t try and dump his plate all the time now, and wants to imitate us, so we encourage him to handle his own cutlery and get a feel for how they work.


On that note, the unpacking is still underway at Casa Shoberg, and will be for a while, so not many pictures of the new place until we get to a better point.

Let’s Make It Official…

Now that the news is making the rounds, I can share it on the ‘ole blog that we are indeed expecting a new addition to the family this November.  We’re excited, if not a little nervous to have 2 under 2.  I know Enzo will be thrilled to have an eventual playmate, so while it’ll be chaotic at times with kiddos so small, it’ll be worth it in the end to have them close in age.

9 weeks

9 weeks

We found out the news on St. Patrick’s Day of this year, and while with Enzo, I patiently waited for Josh to wake up so I could surprise him, things went a little differently this time around. Perhaps a sign of how future things will be as well? :p

I took the test that morning with the thought that it would confirm that I was stressed out, but to my surprise the following image showed up…


I had time to snap a picture while I briefly thought about how to tell Josh when Enzo woke up and started to cry. I knew Josh would be waking up because the baby monitor was still in the bedroom, so I headed back to our room just as Enzo started getting more and more vocal.  Josh was groggy eyed, so I just held out the test, said something along the lines of, “Um, I’m not sure how else to tell you this,” and ran to get Enzo out of his crib.  We came back and Josh, still looking at the test, seemed really out of it and was like, “Is this for real?”  Yep. :p

You Are One

It seems like this little boy of our changes and develops on a daily basis. Leading up to his first birthday, he definitely began acting older and during one week I felt as though I could see a definite change in my wee man.


There are so many things about his personality that make me laugh, and unfortunately for me, he has a smile that is going to allow him to get away with way more than he should.  All he has to do is give me that sly little grin when I’m frustrated and tired after a tantrum/etc. and I completely melt.

I love how he wants Mama in the morning, but unfortunately I’m usually running around trying to get our stuff ready so we can get out the door, so while Josh gets him dressed, I peek in and usually get first smiles of the day.


Right now Enzo enjoys sharing, but also finds the “fake” share to be rather amusing as well.  He’ll pretend he’s going to give you something, just to whip it back really quick. Ha ha.

Along with clapping and giving high-fives, Enzo likes to use his hands to lead us around.  He’ll point at things he wants to see or have, and while this can lead to frustrations when it’s something he can’t have, it’s fun to see him learning to communicate.


As for walking, we’re almost there. Each day he takes more and more steps and he just learned how to pivot his foot so that he can turn around.  This is also good news because it’ll be nicer when we’re outside and he doesn’t have to crawl through dirt. 😉  He and the cats have been very excited about the warmer weather and some days Enzo gets to the back door before the cats do. They’re all as happy as clams when we hang out on the deck.


One will be a good year.