I think things are finally on the way back to normal here on the home front.  After pretty much a month of constant health issues, we all seem to be up and running again and functioning much better than before.

Yesterday was also Enzo’s 9 month check-up as the wee man turned 9 months old on Sunday. Everything looked good!  He’s 21.4 lbs and 28.5″ long, and thankfully in good health.


He is getting better and better at pulling himself up on everything and likes to try and balance by standing on his own… which doesn’t last long, so now we’re just trying to avoid tragedy by making sure there’s nothing behind him in case he falls backward too hard, however, that doesn’t help when he decides to fall forward. Whoops.  I have a feeling this boy is going to keep us on our toes.  😉

Here’s to a much better February!


Boo boo

It’s amazing how quick babies go from trying to pull themselves up on things to actually pulling themselves up on pretty much everything they possibly can.

The kiddo got his first incident report from day care last week when he got a good bump/bruise to the forehead.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.


I guess we’ve reached that point where bumps and bruises are going to be commonplace as he continues to try and climb everything and now tries to cruise and walk.  I told the cats they’d better prepare themselves… soon there will be no escape.


Fresh Start

I think we’re finally on the mend here.  I’m on antibiotics for Bronchitis and don’t quite feel like myself yet, and the baby has drops for his pink eye, but it sounds like his cold is getting better and Josh as well.  Plus the wonton slept all through the night so that was a massive improvement.

It seems like we chose the perfect time to start getting healthy, though.  We’ve been trying to improve what we eat for a while – ever since Enzo started solids, but now that he’s really into finger foods, we’ve had to be a lot better about making meals and having healthy options on hand.


I’m really excited about the dehydrator I received as a gift.  We’ve used it on strawberries, pineapples, bananas and apples so far and it’s fantastic, plus it makes the kitchen smell really good.

We’ve also hopped on the kale bandwagon and made our first batch of kale chips!  They really are very good, especially sprinkled with a little sea salt.


Most of all, I’m hoping Enzo will learn good eating habits from his parents, but I really want us to start feeling better as well.  It’s so easy to come home from a long day of work and not eat a real meal and just snack or eat something frozen, but thankfully Enzo makes that harder to do since we aren’t going to feed him that crap. In the long run, it’ll be a good change.



Dear 2013,

I’d like to restart.  I could handle Josh’s surgery, but both the baby and I have been sick with colds, and now I have viral pink eye, which because it is viral there is nothing to do for it.  I didn’t even know there was more than one kind of pink eye.  So, now we’re just hoping no one else in the house gets it, as the cold thing is bad enough.  Really not a good way to start the new year.  I’m hoping this means the rest of the year is going to be awesome.

Thank you,


Mad Skills

Apparently the little man is ready to move beyond just sitting.  I found him in front of his activity center trying to pull himself up onto it about a week or so ago.


He was getting kind of frustrated because he couldn’t pull himself up all the way, so I went over to him and he reached his hands up and said, “Up”.  So, I did as I was told.  He’s got pretty good balance, but of course as soon as this picture was taken he fell over and bumped his head.  Whoops.


He now says, “Up” and “Bup” a lot, though, and I think aside from Mama and Dada, it’s officially his first word since he generally uses it when he wants up or is reaching up and not just as a sound to make.  Our little man is growing up. :p