Week 27

How can it really be the end of January?  Only 3 months to go until the Wonton makes his grand appearance and overall things are going well. I’m definitely starting to feel extra aches and pains, though, but thankfully found a good chiropractor this past week.  In the meantime, I guess I should be better about my stretching and exercising. 😉  We’ve almost got all of the “big” things taken care – we know where we’re having the baby, and we found a daycare we like, so now I guess the next thing to do is find a pediatrician we like as well and make a couple of decisions regarding other things.  All in all, things are going well, though. Uzi cat is becoming more jealous of his unborn nemesis, however, so it’s going to be interesting to see how the cats adjust when baby arrives.


Otherwise, I’ve been on a baking/cooking spree and made yummy chicken corn chowder yesterday with cornbread and now that we’re running low on cookies, I need to decide what tasty delicious treat to bake up next. I’ve never done a red velvet cake by hand, but cheesecake sounds kind of awesome as well. There is also the problem that if we end up eating it all by ourselves we’re going to end up with an extra 20 pounds that we don’t need. Ha ha.


Week 26

It’s been a pretty productive week, and Baby Boy is super active – it literally feels like he’s bouncing off the walls. He woke Josh up because Josh had fallen asleep with his hand on my belly and the Wonton had decided it was time to test out his ninja skills.

The belly is definitely growing, and I’ve been asked several times if I’m having twins or when my due date is because “it must be any day now.”  While it doesn’t do a lot for the ‘ole self-esteem, I don’t care – I’m not measuring larger than I should be, and I feel perfectly comfortable with my new form.  Besides, if I was too much smaller, Baby Boy might run out for room for his acrobatics. 😉


For fun – this is me at 20 weeks wearing the same outfit. :p

In other events, we’ve been busy getting things ready for the baby, like putting together a stroller, which Uzi immediately discovered offers the perfect spot for stowaways.

And today we put together a dresser, the crib, and changing table so that we’ll plenty of room to store everything (and then some). We were laughing because the baby has nicer bedroom furniture than we do now, which is good because hopefully it’ll last a long time.

We still have a lot to organize and do, but I feel very good that the nursery is finally beginning to look like a nursery.

Week 25

This week has been a bit more busy than usual, but we found a midwife group that we really like and are making the switch, so we’ll be having a hospital birth, but with the midwife/natural birth experience that we wanted.  We also had our first daycare interview today, and like the woman a lot, but are up against two other couples, so we’ll need to interview some centers as well as in-home openings for infants are few and far between it would seem.  As for the Wonton – he is doing great – very active still, which is a lot of fun. I can’t help but smile when I feel those big kicks/punches or actually see my belly bounce around.  While I’m not tired of being pregnant yet, I admit that I’m definitely starting to feel it more – a bit achy and doing simple things like tying my own shoes has become more of a pain.  I’m hoping the yoga will keep me more limber (once I do it more regularly). :p


Week 24

It’s definitely been getting fun as I’ve been able to feel Baby Boy moving around a lot more lately.  We also had our checkup this week, and all is fantastic!  I passed my glucose test and they were happy with my hemoglobin levels, so we’re on track, which is always such good news to hear.  They wanted to do another ultrasound this week, but I don’t think Baby enjoyed it very much as he kept trying to hide during the process.  So far we’ve discovered that his most active times are in the morning around this time actually and right as I’m getting ready for bed, but I don’t mind because Josh was able to feel him for the first time this week, and it’s kind of funny because the kicks have gotten strong enough to see at times – it’s a little bizarre to watch this tiny little person move around inside my belly – I can only imagine how much weirder it’ll get as he gets bigger!


Uzi also decided to join the quick photo shoot this week and was demanding I pick him up – he’s been incredibly needy, and I can only guess it’s because he knows what’s coming.  Last night I was sitting on the couch and Uzi curled up against my belly and started purring, and it may have been coincidence, but Baby Boy started moving around like crazy!  So, he either was able to hear the purring and really enjoyed it, or he didn’t care for it all that much, or he just happened to feel like doing gymnastics at that particular time.