We read.

As an avid reader, one of my favorite things to do with the kids is to read.  I love picking out new books for their libraries (probably too many books), and I’m always curious to see which books will become a favorite and which ones might take some warming up to.


Phoebe is a bit young to really have any favorites, but I like to include her as often as possible when we read, and I try to read her at least one book as a part of her bedtime routine, which we also did with Enzo when he was just a baby.  Now that he’s older bedtime can take quite a while when he doesn’t want to hear “Just one more.”


As far as favorites go, Enzo still loves Dr. Seuss, but only ‘Hop on Pop’ and ‘One Fish, Two Fish.’  He has no interest in ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ or anything like that.  He also greatly enjoys books featuring Elmo and there are still nights where he only wants to read his Dentist book.  I really don’t know why he loves this book so much… it’s not very well written and you’d think a toddler would be bored by it.  He also greatly enjoys ‘Everybody Poops’ and ‘Potty Time.’


Phoebe is learning the classics thanks to Baby Lit.  They’re really good for young kids because of the pictures, and as she gets older the fact that there are so few words will be useful as she learns colors and numbers and things of that nature.  Have I mentioned how much I’m looking forward to family reading nights when they’re both older and reading chapter books?  So excited.



Currently… or Lately

I’ve seen other bloggers do a variation of what they are currently up to, so I thought I’d do the same thing since often it doesn’t fit anywhere else.

Not recent or current, but now I'm craving it.

Not recent or current, but now I’m craving it.


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (sp). Well, technically I just finished it a few days ago, but close enough. I’m on the fence when it comes to this book. It started out decent and then had a great twist midway through, which helped moved things along.  Then there were problems for me, though.  I’ll try not to give too much away, but the twist suddenly had me wondering which characters I liked and just when I thought I had figured it out – things went a little too far for me and I was left frustrated with everyone. I tend to get really involved in books (most of the time – not always) and the last three quarters of the book drove me crazy.  What could have been believable went too far and I hated the ending. I didn’t buy it and wanted to chuck my book… err Kindle across the room (but didn’t).


Josh and I are watching Fringe on Amazon Prime lately, which we really like, and started Under the Dome, which is only so-so.  I read the book, which was decent enough, but the show is kind of dragging a bit and I question how they’re going to make another season out of it without really padding it. Fringe, however, is a fun show… it reminds me a little of the X-Files, only with less aliens and not quite as cheesy.

As far as movies, we just watched ‘Side Effects’ and I think we both felt it was a little slow moving. I actually fell asleep around an hour into it (hooray pregnancy!), right as it was starting to pick up… finally.  While the story itself was interesting, we both feel it could have been better executed.  So… meh.


As far as cravings go… I could honestly be happy eating cereal all day.  I flip flop between various flavors of Cheerios, Vanilla Chex and a variety of granolas.  I also just want to eat cake and donuts and other tasty confections all day, but manage to keep that mostly in check. 😉  I’m also loving fruit, especially strawberries with a little whipped cream on top – mmm.


Ice cream… any kind really.  Ice cold root beer (must be in a bottle). Watching Enzo learn and grow each day.  He tried to say Jump last night because of a book titled that – quite frankly a really weird book we got from a cereal box. He brought it to me and was saying the word really enthusiastically and I started reading it to him, to which he responded by saying, “Bye Bye” and closed the book.  Ha ha.  He’s recently been really into books, which I am absolutely loving!

Thinking About

Baby Girl and how much needs to be done before her arrival.  I have a funny feeling that she’ll be early, so we’ll see if I’m right, and if so, by how much… hopefully not too early since I obviously want her to grow as much as she can before coming out. I admit, it all seems to be happening so fast and I wonder what life will be like with two kids instead of just one.  I know it’ll be crazy for a while, but I hope everything falls into place easily and that Enzo adjusts well to having a younger sibling.

Hooray for Long Weekends

It feels like this weekend was far too short, but that’s always the case.  We did manage to get out and enjoy the weather a bit, though, we may have worn the baby out on Sunday.  We figure it’s never too late for him to get used to his parent’s love of wandering.

On Sunday we decided to go to local winery, Woodland Hills. We figured it would be a good first with Enzo since there are plenty of places to picnic and hang out. He did really great and only got fussy in his car seat towards the end of our tasting, and then he was even more smiley once he could get out and look at everyone and everything. Josh and I bought a glass and went outside to sit on the grass and let Enzo stretch a bit.

He seemed to enjoy himself, and after a quick nap, we packed him up and went to a second winery. We didn’t get pictures because I had to skip that tasting.  Enzo was a little done at that point, so this face was a little more fitting:

I think he just got overtired and there was some very loud music at the second winery, which Enzo did NOT care for (can’t blame him really, it wasn’t very good music) so I sat outside with him and tried to get him to eat some lunch and coax him to finish up his nap from earlier.

Today we stayed in after doing some grocery shopping and then Enzo took a super looooong nap to most likely make up for yesterday.  He did get some one on one time with Uzi, though, who very obligingly let Enzo pet him for the first time!  Enzo was squirming and reaching for Uzi and Uzi sat very still while Enzo wrapped pet him and played with his fur. It did, however, end quickly when Enzo grabbed a little too much fur too tightly, but Uzi didn’t get mad, he just meowed and quickly walked away.


We’re ending the weekend in a quiet way since we take little man to his 4 month check up in the morning, so bath and a book and he’s out.  Now to read something myself or flop in front of the TV and catch up on some shows?

Week 30

Baby Boy is doing good this week, and so am I.  He continues to be a mover and a shaker and has switched positions a couple of times keeping us on our toes.  While my belly has gotten bigger, it seems like the progression has gotten a tad slower, which is good since my clothes are getting really tight and I don’t want to have to buy too many more items with just a mere two months to go!  Two months – that’s it!?


With the weather being fairly decent this weekend, we decided to get out and drive to Stillwater to check out the antique shops and book shops that they have out there.  I hadn’t realized what a cute little town it is, and definitely want to go back when the weather is warmer.  I managed to flesh out my book collection a bit, including finding some good deals on Nancy Drew books – one day my collection will be complete and hopefully we’ll have a daughter one day who will love them as much as I did growing up.


I also found a fun cookbook that I’m still flipping through, but comes complete with some help on what to do if you need to properly set a table and host on your own without a maid, as well as menu ideas for young children.


We were also able to find a few glasses to add to our drinking glass collection, which also means time to reorganize the cabinet a bit and get rid of the “boring” glasses.

And while we were in Stillwater, we went to a local brewery – me to rest my weary feet, and Josh so he could sample the beer.  I may have sampled off of Josh’s, but I couldn’t let him waste the stout, now could I?  They had a coffee stout that would have been magical with a big piece of chocolate cake.  Yum.  Thankfully, I had truffles in the car, though, so the chocolate craving was fulfilled.  We also picked up a pint glass to add to our pint glass collection… okay, so we may have more glasses than we’ll ever need, but at least they’re awesome.

And then it was a mostly leisurely Sunday in which we slept in, went to see the movie Chronicle and then went and upgraded our cell phones, followed by some kitty snuggling because you know they miss us when we decide to not stay at home on a weekend.  We may have one of the neediest cats on the planet, but he’s pretty cute.

Hooray Productivity!

It was nice to finally feel well enough to be really productive this past weekend. Josh and I got some shopping done, including a second bookcase for the sitting room so that way our shelves would match. They’re a little big for the space, but we don’t plan on staying there permanently, so it works for now. Once we unloaded the shelves we already had… it was clear I’d have to find a place for everything right away.

I think I still need to do a bit more rearranging of the actual items on the shelves, but I’m in no rush right now.

We moved the mismatched bookshelf that we replaced into what will hopefully start to resemble a nursery in a few months. It’s kind of a scary place for everything we don’t have room for anywhere else at the moment, so it looks like I need to sit down and actually go through stuff and do some major purging. I’m a really awful packrat, so there’s a lot to go through. I’ll just have to lock myself in the room and force myself to do it since it’s so easy to put off. Granted, I’ve been a little busy, but it has to be done before we can buy nursery furniture, so that’s pretty good motivation to do so.

As for hearing the baby’s heartbeat last week… so amazing.  It’s so strange to think that I have this tiny little being growing inside of me right now.