19 Weeks

We’re just a few days away from finding out what we’re having and we’re super excited.  Granted, I’m more excited about just having an ultrasound and finally getting a glimpse of the burrito. With Enzo we had 1 or 2 ultrasounds before the big anatomy scan, which is of course more about making sure the baby is developing okay. I’m always nervous during this one as they look at the heart and organs and pretty much hold my breath until I hear them say everything is okay.

Week 19

As for other things, the house is still coming together, but I actually feel like my energy is coming back even if my sciatic ends up acting up after a day of activity.  This weekend I pulled out the crock pot and made a Moroccan beef stew and even made fresh Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp for dessert.


As for Enzo… well, he’s definitely been entertaining.  We have our highs and lows, and part of the extra sassiness this week has probably been because he’s been the oldest kid at day care with no one else to really play with since the two boys nearest his age have had Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease.  They’re supposed to be back tomorrow, though, and apparently they’re both starting to walk now, so hopefully Enzo will have some kiddos that can keep up with him now.


When he isn’t causing chaos in the kitchen… or his bedroom, or the living room, or the bathroom, he’s busy surprising us and acting like a big goof.  He is now pointing to his nose and learning different body parts, even though he can’t really say them yet.  We’re getting closer to new words, though, and it’s kind of amazing what each new week brings.

Loofahtime Goof

Granted, he has his meltdowns, but the laughs and giggles and sweet open-mouth kisses make it all worthwhile. :p  I’m also loving that he has a new favorite book almost each week and likes to climb into Mama’s lap to read whichever one it is.  It’s been ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’ for about a week, but I think ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ is giving that one a run for it’s money.  Exciting, right?


Bill Cosby and a Tricycle.

Those two things aren’t actually related, but they do sum up our weekend to an extent.  On Saturday Josh and I went to see Bill Cosby at Treasure Island for an early anniversary present to ourselves, and that morning we also put together a tricycle for Enzo.


As you can see, Enzo was very impatient to have it done.  He was really into the whole process and super excited about it… he must have known that because there were wheels, it would be an awesome toy.


He’s right too – it’s a pretty cool trike because for now it also acts as a stroller that Josh and I can push until he’s big enough to start using the pedals. The little man started losing his cool before the trike was finished, but you can see by the look on his face that he was pretty excited when he got to see it all finished.

Trike3 Trike4

Hopefully we can actually take him for a walk around the block this week if it stays nice out.  In the meantime, Josh’s sister Leah came to watch Enzo for us and it was off to see Bill Cosby!  All in all it was a decent show, though, it ended up being a tad shorter than we expected.  Bill is definitely getting up there in years and we couldn’t help but notice a lot of “Old man” mannerisms, but he’s still very funny, and we both laughed quite a bit. I think my biggest complaint was the venue itself and having to go through the smoking part of the casino to get to the event center, and the fact that the event center is basically an over-sized conference room, so the only way to really see him was on the screens.  Next time (if there is one) we’ll buy the cheaper tickets that are on the “high-risers”.


18 Weeks

Yeah, we missed 17 weeks. Josh was out of town most of the weekend and I was not feeling like picture taking on Sunday, so here we are. It’s funny how this pregnancy already feels like it’s moving faster than my first, and it definitely feels different.  Probably because we’re so focused on Enzo lately and chasing after him, whereas when I was pregnant with him, I could fully focus on my pregnancy.  The excitement is there, but it’s not as all-consuming. I want to be more present considering this is most likely the last time I’ll ever go through the experience of pregnancy, but it’s so hard some days, which really tells me I need to set aside more time in my day to acknowledge our growing little Burrito and try and “bond” more like I did when Enzo was just a wee Wonton.

Week 18

It’s hard not to be totally enamored with Mr. Enzo, though.


Every day it seems brings something new.  He blows kisses like an expert, though, he’ll often turn away when I ask for a real one. He’s also big on “Uh oh” right now, however, now he’ll throw or drop things on purpose and say “Uh oh,” soooo I guess that’ll take working on. Ha ha.

Uh Oh

It’s definitely amusing to watch as he tries to imitate us when it comes to mannerisms and words and phrases.  Just today he started saying, “Hi” and in the bath when I kept asking him to look “Up” he’d repeat over and over “Up, up, up, up.”  Granted, he didn’t actually look up, but it was cute nonetheless.


I’m sure I’m forgetting some of his other fun new developments, but you get the idea.  It’s amazing how much they grow and change in such little time.  He’s becoming a very big boy, very fast.

Energy Shot

There’s never a dull moment at the Shoberg house… well, I guess that depends on what your idea of “dull” or “exciting” is.  Keeping up with a toddler can definitely have its interesting days, though, and the days where no matter how hard you want to unpack boxes and clean the house… you just know it’s not really going to happen.


I really wish I knew why it was so fun to pull everything out of a cupboard or a drawer and throw it across the room. Perhaps I’m missing out on something?


The other night I thought I could quickly get Enzo’s laundry folded and put away while he played with Josh – easy, right?  Well, suddenly I feel the patter of little feet come around the corner and his lit up when he saw the dresser drawer open and he proceeded to laugh and run over and start pulling clothes out.  Then he laughed more and started grabbing my piles of already folded clothes and throwing them up in the air.  I wish you could bottle the pure glee that the boy exuded.

Also, I wish I could just bottle his energy… he had a half hour nap today at day care and has been non stop go, go, go.


One day it won’t rain on the weekend…

One day it won’t rain on the weekend, and when that happens, I want to be ready.  Now that Enzo is really mobile, we’re trying to think of some fun things to do on the weekend to get out of the house.  Granted, there are a few parks we could go to, but I realized we’re going to have to work up slowly to that because we failed at introducing Enzo to grass when he started crawling.  Why would this be an issue?  Well, last night when we got home, he wanted to explore, so I set him down on the sidewalk and he toddled his way toward the front door and pointed out some plants, but when I picked him up and put him in grass he gave me this look and his face went from pouting to “Mom get me the hell of this stuff!” in about 2 seconds.  I tried to hand him some and show him it was okay, but he wanted nothing to do with it.  I feel bad for really only going out on the deck now.  Whoops.


We’re also debating whether or not to get a Zoo membership this year.  It’s kind of a hike from our house, but with Enzo’s interest in animals and his love of being outdoors, it seems like it would be a worthwhile purchase and would always give us something to do.


I’m not sure if we’ll go to the zoo this weekend or not since it’ll just be me and Enzo for the majority of the weekend, and there is a chance of thunderstorms, but I’m thinking of taking him to one of the splash pads at a near-ish park if the weather looks like it might hold. I suppose if it doesn’t we can try coloring again.  So far he just likes to chew on the crayons, so we got these cool little plastic animal dudes that have a marker on the bottom (like in the picture) so that way you have no chewing, and he has something easier to hold onto.  Oh, what will they think of next.