And it’s only Monday!

I think today has to be one of the best Monday’s I’ve had in a very long time.  For starters we had a pretty good weekend… I even made cookies!

Yeah, not really a big deal usually, but this is the first time I’ve baked since Enzo was born.  I’m not sure why I didn’t get around to it sooner… probably just busy and tired, but last night after we put Enzo to bed, I decided it was the perfect time to make cookies, and it felt good.  I forgot how much I enjoyed making things from scratch.

That, however, isn’t why today has turned out so good.  In a totally sudden and unexpected turn of events I was offered a different position in another department in the company where I work – one with more responsibilities and a larger paycheck.  I was completely shocked and realized (thanks to Josh) that this is actually my first promotion… ever.  I’ve never really been in positions that offered advancement, so this is really exciting for me. Don’t ask me what I’ll be doing… I didn’t exactly get the specifics, but from the sound of things, it’ll be a much more challenging position than the one I’m in now.

And now, because he’s adorable… Enzo.  Josh had been playing video games and got up, so I decided it would be funny to put Enzo in his chair with the PS3 remote when Josh came back.  Oh, I wish we could have gotten Enzo’s first smile when his daddy discovered him in his recliner – he was so excited and happy to be in on the game.

Two Weeks!

Exactly two weeks until we hit the road… er skies!  Words cannot express how excited I am, though, I can already tell it’s going to be a completely different experience traveling with a baby.  I’m not surprised, but once you really start thinking about everything you need to take plus the things that would be helpful to bring… maybe we should get a pack mule for the airport. :p

Thankfully, we won’t have to worry about the cats as Matt has once again kindly agreed to watch them while we’re away, and we’ve had no messes for a week now, so hooray!  Let’s see if Ziggy can keep it up through our trip.

Seriously, though… sooooo excited.  Was that enough o’s?  Getting out of town in general will be nice, but seeing family and friends is definitely what I’m most looking forward to. I realized that it’s been two years since we’ve been back to Colorado.  How can two years have passed? Where the heck is time flying to?  On that note… how can I possibly turning 30 at the end of the month?  Kind of mind boggling.  So, happy I can call myself a mom, though. If I had a “bucket list” it’s the one thing I would have wanted to cross off before turning thirty.

The Best Part of Waking Up…

Fall is definitely in the air, which felt really good, but also a little weird.  I’m looking forward to cooler temperatures since we’ve had such a hot summer, but at the same time,  I don’t know that I’m ready for what comes after Fall. 😉 So, we decided to make the most of this weekend’s nice weather.

We started Friday night off with a glass of wine from one of the bottles we bought last weekend, and sat down to watch ‘Tailor Tinker Soldier Spy,” which I’m sure was a good movie, but… I may have fallen asleep and Josh said it was a little slow and they avoided action at all cost. One thing I’ve noticed with having a baby – if a movie doesn’t grab our attention fairly quickly, we turn it off.  We have so little free time as it is now that we don’t want to waste any of it.  Granted, I did have a really nice snooze before it was time to get up and feed the baby. :p

We woke up without a plan yesterday morning.

And on a whim we decided… why not go to another winery?  We went to the Parley Lake Winery and Orchard, and it ended up being a really nice afternoon.  Enzo was really well behaved and enjoyed looking at all of the falling leaves and smiling and chatting with people while we did a wine tasting. We didn’t pick any apples… or buy any, but they did have amazing Dutch Apple Jam and Pumpkin Butter, which tasted exactly like Fall, and we bought a jar of each.

We also discovered this weekend that Enzo is a huge fan of the Jumper and pretty much wore himself out.  At first he’d just kind of hang there and twirl himself around a bit and it was funny to watch him realize that he could actually do so much more.  Ever so cautiously he’d lightly bounce and then he just got downright crazy. We’re going to have to watch this boy.  Ha ha.

And now here we are at Sunday.  We woke up a tad early as baby’s clock does not have a weekend setting, but the best part of waking up is opening my eyes and seeing my smiley Enzo.  Granted, getting kicked in the ribs is usually how I wake up, but I love spending our weekend mornings babbling in bed. At first neither of us thought we’d be the co-sleeping types aside from having a bassinet next to the bed, but there you go.  I wouldn’t change a thing… well, maybe in a couple months. We’ve decided once Enzo hits 6 months it might be a good idea for him to sleep in his crib, so we’ll see how that goes.

Hooray for Long Weekends

It feels like this weekend was far too short, but that’s always the case.  We did manage to get out and enjoy the weather a bit, though, we may have worn the baby out on Sunday.  We figure it’s never too late for him to get used to his parent’s love of wandering.

On Sunday we decided to go to local winery, Woodland Hills. We figured it would be a good first with Enzo since there are plenty of places to picnic and hang out. He did really great and only got fussy in his car seat towards the end of our tasting, and then he was even more smiley once he could get out and look at everyone and everything. Josh and I bought a glass and went outside to sit on the grass and let Enzo stretch a bit.

He seemed to enjoy himself, and after a quick nap, we packed him up and went to a second winery. We didn’t get pictures because I had to skip that tasting.  Enzo was a little done at that point, so this face was a little more fitting:

I think he just got overtired and there was some very loud music at the second winery, which Enzo did NOT care for (can’t blame him really, it wasn’t very good music) so I sat outside with him and tried to get him to eat some lunch and coax him to finish up his nap from earlier.

Today we stayed in after doing some grocery shopping and then Enzo took a super looooong nap to most likely make up for yesterday.  He did get some one on one time with Uzi, though, who very obligingly let Enzo pet him for the first time!  Enzo was squirming and reaching for Uzi and Uzi sat very still while Enzo wrapped pet him and played with his fur. It did, however, end quickly when Enzo grabbed a little too much fur too tightly, but Uzi didn’t get mad, he just meowed and quickly walked away.


We’re ending the weekend in a quiet way since we take little man to his 4 month check up in the morning, so bath and a book and he’s out.  Now to read something myself or flop in front of the TV and catch up on some shows?