Finally Morning Glories!  I have been waiting ages for this plant to finally bloom while it’s been growing like crazy.  They’re just as lovely as I had hoped for. In the meantime… bugs of some kind have been destroying my tomatoes and I’m not sure what to do… I’ve tried homemade remedies, but apparently not the right kind, so I hope it’s not too late to try something else. It looks like a lady bug has arrived on it’s own to help with the aphid issue I’ve been having with the jalepenos, however. On a sidenote, apparently I left one of the peppers on the plant longer than I meant to. That thing was HOT!  I felt so bad after Josh bit into a small slice and discovered they were more fiery than he likes. I actually only managed a few slice myself and then it was just more painful than tasty.

We ended up having a really nice weekend overall… things have been on the stressful side, so we had a really fun spontaneous day yesterday. We had planned on going to the Pioneer Village in Hastings, but didn’t spend as much time there as we thought we would, so we stopped at a winery on a whim afterwards and did a full tasting and just relaxed and talked for an hour or two and then decided to go to Dave and Busters for dinner and games. As always, we spent more than we meant to, but walked away with yet another kitchen appliance (Quesadilla maker) and a disco ball lamp… we had to use the tickets on something, right? :p

A few of my favorite things…

Right now I am loving how  many more veggies are ready for harvesting… we have tomatoes turning red (finally), onions, jalepeños, and even some carrots!  I can’t wait until we have a yard where I can try other things as well.

Despite their small size, Josh said the carrot (or at least the one that was darker) tasted really good!  Hooray for growing food!

Josh is away for the day (hanging with the boys), so I spent a few hours cleaning, which felt really good, watched a couple of movies, and then spent some time outside with the cats doing a little reading, and finding the cutest little frog on my marigolds.  I almost didn’t even see him, but noticed something looked off, so I got closer, and there he was!

Now I think it’s time for a cup of tea and some more reading, I think. Tomorrow we’re going to see Captain America, and it should be a good way to end a pretty relaxing weekend. Maybe I’ll even get some sewing done as I have a pile of things to fix for Josh (buttons and things that are so easy to fix, but also so easy to put off). 😉

Heat Wave

What can I say? I haven’t had a whole lot of motivation lately… partly due to the heat wave, and a mixture of other things. However, “we are made to persist” and that I will.  Not everything ever goes exactly to plan even if we would have it so.  On the plus side, how about my awesome find a couple of weekends ago?  Vintage bowling shoes that fit almost perfectly!  Yeah, yeah, so we rarely go bowling – they’re still really nifty and I plan on wearing them a lot. 😉

A Tale of Two Squirrels

A rather short tale that began when, while camping, I foolishly left a bag of food unattended. I blame my thoughtlessness on lack of coffee. It was early and we wanted to be on the boat no later than 5:30, so we decided to forego coffee and just head out immediately. It was a nice day on the lake, and while we only caught a couple of small perch (pictures on Josh’s camera), we still had fun and returned to camp around 12:30.  I realized something was wrong as soon I walked over to the bag to pull out hamburger buns for our lunch. Our hamburger buns and bread had been fairly chewed on, and I figured that might be the extent of the damage.

Oh no. These squirrels were not satisfied with bread alone. As I pulled the bread items out, I noticed a hole had been chewed through the bag (one of those reuseable ones) and they had found my cookies. The cookies that were in a well-sealed container, and well-sealed it was. The thick plastic lid was still attached to the glass base, however, a nice big hole had been chewed through the lid and the squirrels hit pay-day. I estimate at least a dozen cookies were pulled out before they either ate their fill or saw us driving up.

So, lesson learned, and you can bet we made friends. The smaller squirrel, whom I called Stinker (seen below) returned often, looking for leftovers and wasn’t the slightest bit bothered our presence. Several times I’d look up and he’d be watching me at eye level in the tree next to our table, while I was looking for food or cooking. He also had a (camera shy) friend, whom returned often as well, and whom I expect to have eaten the majority of the cookies. Chunky Biscuit was morbidly obese and not a good climber, so there’s no way he pulled it off on his own.

Lesson learned.