Well, then.

I’m usually better about updating things, but I admit things have been a little stressful around here what with the housing situation. It seems that we will indeed be moving, though, next month.  I don’t think I’ll really breathe a sigh of relief until closing is done, which against all odds will be happening on the same day we close on our place.  We thought for sure we’d have to find a rental, which was proving to be stressful as more and more places had no availabilities or wouldn’t accept a short-term lease.  So, it’s kind of amazing that it’s all coming together.


As far as other things go, our little boy turned 1 this weekend, which I think deserves its own post. He’s doing well and taking more and more steps each day, which also led to an incident at day care in which he lost his balance and hit his lip on a bookshelf.  The poor guy cut his lip open and it was nice and purple this morning.  I can’t believe how big he’s getting… time passes so much more quickly now than it used to.  I remember before having him when there would be times where I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with all my time, and now I don’t seem to have enough of it. I have a stack of things “To Do” and a list of unfinished projects.  Soon… this change in the weather has given me more motivation and I’m feeling excited about things again.


In fact, we’re going to be taking Enzo on his first camping trip soon!  I picked up a massive family tent at Costco a week or so ago during one of our last really big snow storms, and I’m ready! I think everyone thought I was completely nuts walking around with this huge tent while there was snow and slush on the ground. We’ve decided to just do an overnight trip to see how Enzo does and then we’ll plan a longer trip for the 4th of July weekend most likely.  The tent we got is huge, though, and not only will it fit his pack n’ play, but it has a screened in porch area where he can play if it’s too buggy out or if we need him in a safe location while we cook.  So excited!!!

Future Hoarder or Pick Pocket?

So, it’s after dinner and time for Enzo’s bath last night when I hear Josh cracking up.  I was filling the tub with water and he was in Enzo’s room getting him undressed. I go in there and he’s still laughing and Enzo’s rolling around on his changing table having a grand ole time, so I asked him what the heck was so funny. It took him a minute, but he finally handed me a magnet off our fridge.

Huh?  Where did that come from?

Apparently before dinner Enzo – while playing with magnets on the fridge – decided to stick one down the back of his diaper.  So, when Josh was undressing him he noticed something odd in the back of Enzo’s diaper and pulled out our Green Giant magnet.  He’d probably had it in there for a good solid hour.

Maybe we should get the kid a backpack or something. I’m just glad there wasn’t poop – this time.



What a week it’s been.  I would have had an update sooner, but have felt like crap for the past week, and have been spending most of my time in bed.  The antibiotics are helping with the sinus infection, but at this rate, I’m just waiting for the rest of whatever I’ve got to take it’s leave.


Anyhoo. As for the house – we’ve technically sold it.  However, we are waiting for an appraisal, which has been very slow in coming and has had us rather nervous because we can’t really do anything until we know what the appraisal is.  Our Realtor at this point is concerned about it, so that has us worried as well. There have been a lot of really low sales in our area that are going to affect it, and each appraiser is different. We’ve heard instances where two appraisers have come up with amounts for the same house that differ 10K-20K, so… we wait.  Quite honestly at this point with the way the housing market is going (houses being snatched up left and right and fewer houses coming on the market due to nervous sellers) we would be okay if the appraisal came back too low and we just stayed. It’s not ideal, but in realty, we could adjust our budget and save a lot more money so that in a year we wouldn’t be so dependent on selling this place first and could jump on the perfect house right away rather than all of this waiting and seeing and watching houses disappear from the market. Plus, it would be the perfect excuse to put in that wet bar and do a few things to increase the value a tad.


Aside from all that, Enzo seems to have grown up overnight. He just looks and seems so much older while I’ve been sick.  The cutie would use his walker to come see me in the bedroom and it felt so nice to be missed by him. His daddy did a great job of taking over everything so I can rest, and I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to do so.  I’m also glad that Enzo had such a good weekend – he was in such a good mood and had a great appetite.  We also discovered he really likes Naked juices. I was drinking one and he was reaching for it, so I gave him a sip and he got a huge smile on his face and grabbed for the bottle again. Then when I sat down to play with ball him again, he got super excited, which I thought was because I had his new bouncy ball, but no, it was because he saw my bottle of juice when I sat down. Ha ha.


I’m looking forward to being my old self again.