There’s always something…

So close to having the new speakers and everything hooked up only to get to the last speaker and realize we don’t have enough wire, and we don’t have the right connector for the subwoofer into the receiver. Looks like we’ll be finishing up tomorrow since neither of us feel like driving half an hour to find a store that has what we need. Otherwise it’s schoolwork and all of those other little things that should be done.

We did our usual Sunday breakfast, and now I can’t believe the day is soon to be over. We’re going to watch “Appaloosa” tonight – I’ve been in the mood to watch westerns lately, so we figured we’d give it a try since we both generally like Viggo Mortensen and Ed Harris.

How about some yummy breakfast photos? :p

(I love our Hello Kitty Toaster!)


I am really hoping this is the last of the snow, but I’m also not holding my breath. I am more than ready for warmer weather and can’t help but get excited (except for days like today).  May is just around the corner and with it the end of the semester (hooray!) and our road trip (another hooray)!  Because I’ll also have time again, I want to really make the most of it – you don’t appreciate all of that free time until it’s gone.

On the list:

Camping, lots of mini excursions, watching the sunset, barbequing, gardening, lounging with a book, lots of projects, and a few other things…

It’s going to be a glorious summer, I can tell. 😉

Grilling Season

It’s finally starting to feel like Spring with the snow melting and warmer temperatures. We even got to hear the first thunder of the year last night while we got a bit of rain, but unfortunately missed seeing the moon.

Yesterday was a little chilly still, but we opened up some windows until it got too cold and got our weekend cleaning done and some baking as well.


Tracy and Jenny (Josh’s mom and sister) were in town so they came out to see us and we grilled up some steak and asparagus and got more use out of our deep-fryer from Dave & Buster’s – that’s right – when we win, we win big.


Then we watched some Planet Earth, which we picked up on BluRay for an awesome deal, and that was Saturday.  Today it’ll be some shopping, including a new vacuum because it seems ours bit the dust yesterday after eating a sock (it never recovered), but I’d say 6 or so years is good for a vacuum that cost under $100 and cleans up after 2 cats.  😉

Always food…

I promise our lives don’t revolve around food… not entirely. What’s not to love about breakfast for dinner, though? Between working, school, and the gym, we don’t always have time to make dinner, but it’s something we’re trying to squeeze in more often rather than sitting in front of our computers with a frozen meal or snacks thrown hastily together. Granted, our cooked meals aren’t always that much healthier than the frozen variety, but we do try. 😉  Plus while cooking you have extra time to chat, and who doesn’t love a good chat over sizzling bacon?


My goal is to find some quicker recipes that can be thrown together quickly on days when I have papers to write and tests to study for. I like using the Crockpot, but not everything can be left for 10-12 hours and at least 3-4 times a week that’s how long we’re away. Plus… I confess that I hate cleanup. Baking is different – cleanup after baking is so much nicer than cleanup after dinner when there might be grease and crud to scrape off of a pan. 😉 Ah well, time to pull out some cookbooks and do some experimenting!

In the meantime, you can’t go wrong with breakfast when in doubt, and a cup of blueberry tea for relaxing.

Or if you’re Josh… a Josh-sized sammich.

And what better dessert than fresh fruit… which may or may not have been topped with whipped cream after this picture was taken.

When the cat’s away…

Josh went out to the play with the boys yesterday, so I had a quiet day at home getting schoolwork completed and relaxing.

Uzi was also hard at work.

I skyped with family, which is one of the best inventions, and made yummy cookies.

Glass of wine – check!  (Great local wine, by the way)

And what else is a girl to do when her husband is gone but watch beautiful period films like ‘The Young Victoria,’ which I do recommend if you also like these types of films. I never know how much is true or fiction (until I decide to do some reading), but they’re fascinating nonetheless with the sheer mass of layered clothing and in this case, lavishness.