Well, now that the cat is out of the bag I can bore you all with details of the nausea and just how tired I’ve been. 😉 Just kidding, I won’t do that, though, I have been very busy with school and work and growing a kid makes you extra tired, so that would explain the lack of posts. However, this is our first baby post, so…

The day we found out…

It was a typical Sunday morning – 5:00 a.m. and the cats were demanding food, so I stumbled out to the kitchen to feed them so that they would hopefully not wake up Josh and in turn let me sleep in some more. I decided, sort of on a whim to take a test – not wanting to get my hopes up as I had before, so I grabbed one of my cheapo tests and emptied litter boxes while I waited. Imagine my surprise then, when that second faint line started to appear. Not wanting to get too excited, I went for the big guns – the digital test. I can’t even express the excitement and surprise that went through me when I saw this:

Now what? Do I run upstairs waving the stick around and wake Josh up? I wanted to, but Josh is not a morning person, and it takes him a good half hour or so to wake up. If I attempted to wake him up with that news, it would probably not hit him right away and I might get a few incoherent mumbles, so I took the picture and set it as my desktop background on my computer and went back upstairs to attempt to sleep. When that failed, I went downstairs and figured I could count on Ziggy to wake him up since she was in a noisy mood. Thankfully, around 8:30 I heard her wander up to our bedroom and start meowing at him. Hooray! We talked about going out for breakfast, and eventually he headed downstairs and I nonchalantly grabbed my camera and pretended to take pictures of the cats and ask him to look at my computer because “something was wrong.” His response? “What’s the problem?” Um… “Something weird.” Thankfully he had morning brain still and while he looked confused and mildly suspicious he said nothing, so I waited, and then he got up to leave the room. I was practically shaking with excitement and anxiously asked, “Aren’t you going to check my computer?” To which he replied, “It can’t wait?” Crap. So I told him it should just take a second and he sat down and I whipped out the camera and rather than looking at the screen he stared at me and asked, “What’s going on?”  Unable to contain myself I told him to just look at my computer (once again I used morning brain to my advantage because he had no clue what was going on – just something). It took him a second to realize what was on the screen and then:

He asked, “Seriously? Are you serious?”

At that point there were many happy tears (most of which were mine) and hugs of excitement and then celebratory breakfast. Needless to say, we cancelled our plans to visit a winery that day. 😉

And, for those who haven’t seen yet… baby’s first picture.