Yearly Holiday Card

One of my favorite things about this time of year is mail – especially the holiday cards and year-in-review cards we receive from family and friends who we haven’t seen in a long time.  When you have kids it’s so easy for a year to go by in an instant and while social media makes quick catch-ups so easy, it’s not as personal as receiving something via the good ole USPS.  Even if it’s just a photo card, we enjoy getting them (I use the blog as an excuse to not write a year end letter). 😉

When we first decided to send out a holiday card we knew we didn’t want to do a standard photo because it’s not really “us,” so now each year we try to come up with a unique idea, which is both a lot more fun and difficult with kids added into the mix.


The year we got married and the start of a tradition.



This was the year we found out we were going to be parents, so this idea was actually inspired by a friend who posted a screenshot from ‘Alien’ to my Facebook wall when we announced the news.



I knew I wanted to do this when I realized that Enzo would be big enough to sit up on his own by the time we need to take the photo.  Nom nom, babies!



This year, I don’t have a picture of – we went for your standard collage card because Phoebe was a newborn and we didn’t have the energy to do anything creative.


There really is no explanation needed is there?  Let me just say it is not easy to get two children this young to cooperate for one photo.  It was a fun one, though.



We already have a plan for next year, and it’s going to be spectacular and take some sewing on my part, so I should probably start now since I don’t really sew.

Photo Dump

I really need to come up with an alternative to photo “dump.”  I just don’t like that word…  Here we are, though, with a bunch of pictures and no place for them to be, so I’m giving them a home here because I can, and also because I’m not going to be posting as much this month in general.  I’ve decided to change the blog (this time it’ll be the last time), but it will take some time to move everything, so in the meantime I want to focus on that a bit and not add too much more to this blog that will just need to be moved later.  I figure we might as well start off 2015 fresh, so that is my plan.

Anyhoo… pictures!


Alas, photos like this are a thing of the past as Enzo is waaay too loud for the cats and Phoebe is now far too mobile and doesn’t understand “gentle.”



Before she was a stair master.  We’ve had a couple of tumbles, but for the most part she can go up and down by herself.


I haven’t done a Munchkin Meals linkup in a bit, but it wouldn’t be much different then before except that Enzo has gotten a tad more picky in many ways and only ever wants pizza.  Go figure.


This lady started the day care food program this week, which thankfully saves me some time as I don’t have to pack a lunch for her now.  Food of any kind is hit or miss with Enzo, but Phoebe will try just about anything… at the very least I can count on her to eat all her fruits and veggies, so what more could you want?


These two are still hooked on firetrucks.



Yep.  It’s been a long week with much interrupted sleep, so Happy Tuesday.

Photo Dump

There isn’t a lot going on right now, and I’ve got a bunch of random photos that never made it into posts either because other pictures were used instead or they never worked anywhere (which would explain why they look familiar), so now seems as good of a time as any to put them somewhere.  If you only knew just how many photos were on my computer… soooo many.  When you’ve got two kids constantly moving the best thing is to just keep snapping and just hope for a decent shot or two.


Still obsessed with cars and trucks.


I wonder if we’ll have a musician on our hands… she LOVES all things musical.


Ack, that grin.


So glad her eczema cleared up with age!


Hey, look!  Food!  Remember when I used to take pictures of what we were eating?  Ah, the days before kids… now I barely have time to compose any shots at all… good or bad.



Still working on getting this kid to try new things… we’ll get there.


Will her eyes stay blue like Enzo’s?  Hard to say.



Friday Funday!

Today is my favorite kind of fall day.  Driving to work it was overcast and the clouds had hints of not only grey, but bits of blue and gold.  That combined with falling leaves and muted Fall colors made the morning seem very dramatic. Perfect for curling up with a thrilling book… preferably in front of a window with a lakeside view – might as well go big since I’m imagining this entire scenario.

Rather than links, how about an awesome picture of Phoebe that wins?

Happy Friday!



Photo Dump

Some pictures that never made it into posts, so I’m sticking them here.  Also, it’s Monday, and after yesterday’s very productive day of organizing, today seems like a good day to do more sorting and organizing.  So… putting these photos here is sort of like organizing. 😉



I received these flowers after Josh’s first trip to Maryland for work.  His supervisor/rep person had them sent to the house for me. Very unexpected!


I love how golden the light is in our living room.


Little Miss is just about to outgrow her favorite toy.  I pull it out and her face lights up and she would bounce for days if you let her.


Aww, her hair was so patchy. Uzi still gives her some head-butts, but not nearly as many now.


Are words even needed for this picture?  What a ham.


What a squish. Her hair was just getting long enough to start sticking straight up.


And this guy.  Popular with both our munchkins.  It was only fitting to take a picture of someone we used to spend so much time with on a daily basis whether it be movies or otherwise. 😉


Morning coloring.  He loves doing the letters of his name and telling us what shapes to draw. I’m imagining his future excitement when he can draw them himself.