I suddenly have the urge to play tag and have a water balloon fight and play other games I used to love when I was younger… like four square (though I can’t remember all the ridiculous silly rules and names that went with it like No Ghosties!) :p

Crafty Fun

So… I’ve decided to try my hand at making some crafty headbands and branching out into jewelry soon and possibly opening a little etsy shop. Here are the first attempts, and they aren’t bad, but I’m already finding ways to improve them – better glue, vintage jewelry and other bits and pieces. So, if it does fall through and no one wants to actually buy my little beauties – all the ladies in my life will most likely receive a lot of my crafty notions. 🙂

I wore the one above on our boat cruise last weekend. 🙂

Yard Work

Finally I am posting pictures of the yard work I did a few weeks ago. :p It’s so easy to go outside and take a few pictures, and yet, it’s even more easy to procrastinate and not do so. So, I give you… the yard.

These first pictures I replaced everything in these two bottom tiers (including the soil) they were all hostas, and those are boring, so eventually these will all be blooming and gorgeous.

These are my potted plants
Look! Sunflowers! I need to transplant these babies to give them more room.
These are the hostas I moved from the tiers to the other side of the garage with some other plants that I don’t remember what they are…
This was probably the biggest undertaking and is still a work in progress. I wanted to turn this hill of dirt into something a little more attractive, so I built the walls and planted some hostas and some other various groundcovers that in time will get much larger and have pretty little purple flowers. 🙂

Hello Ziggy!