After having a rough night’s sleep last night and having to work until 10:00 tonight, I’m looking forward to an exhausting week being over with. It’s hard to believe it’s only Wednesday. Josh had an interview yesterday which they chose someone else for. Josh isn’t too upset about that one because it wasn’t his first choice, but apparently they made it sound like he wasn’t chosen because they thought he would bored, so it’s probably a good thing. Our fingers are really crossed for his interview today, though. He thinks it went well, better than the interview yesterday, so that’s a good sign.

This weekend shouldn’t be too busy, although we have a party to go to Saturday night and we will probably go see a movie. I think we’ll go see ‘Coraline’ which looks good. I can’t think of what else is playing right now. We are super exicted about ‘Watchmen’ though and will be taking that day off, well, at least I’ll be taking off from my day job. I have to work that night, so we’re going to see the first matinee of the day. Other than that, not too much else. We’re supposed to get 6 inches of snow tomorrow which seems ridiculous considering what a beautiful day it is today, but it happens. Josh said the squirrels figured out how to get into the other bird feeder. He hasn’t been able to get a picture yet, but is going to keep trying. :p It definitely explains why there is so much bird seed on the ground, though. They climb the screen on the window and then jump onto it and hang because they’re too big, so it tips and all the seed falls out. Apparently Uzi was going nuts watching this happen and while one squirrel did that, the other was fat and happy sitting in the other feeder. Little stinkers. It’s too funny. We’re going to have the most obese squirrels on the block. :p

Oooh – and as of a few minutes ago I’m getting a haircut on Friday… with another new person. The other girl I went to a few months ago isn’t there anymore. Go figure. I miss Lisa Marie – she was awesome. Maybe I should schedule an appointment with her while we’re in Durango in May! I might have the extra money to spend and it would be soooo worth it. I’ll think about it. :p

Starvation Heights

My current book of choice is Starvation Heights by Gregg Olsen. You can check out the site here: I’m about half way through and it’s proving to be an interesting read. It’s astounding really the things people believed in regards to health and some of the ridiculous things that doctors were allowed to get away with until too many people died from these so-called treatments. In this book Linda Burfield Hazzard’s treatment is starvation – a “fasting cure” and this story is about two of her more wealthy and well-known patients who were heiresses to a very large fortune, Clare and Dora Williamson – one of which died and the other barely survived. Patients of Hazzard’s treatment were kept on diets of a cup or two of tomato broth a day and little else for upwards of 45 days to 100 days until they were literally skin and bones and most could barely walk. This picture is of Dora who was 60 pounds when a family friend finally rescued her from the sanitarium.

Along with starving the patients, they were given daily enemas – sometimes lasting for hours and extremely painful and doing a strange osteopathic massage that involved roughly thumping her fists against patients’ heads, stomachs and backs.
Who can say what led people to actually go and submit themselves to this treatment, but once they committed themselves, they were at the hands of Hazzard and her husband. Maybe like the Williamson sisters they were naive and overly trusting and hypocondriacs willing to try anything and believing almost anything – most giving the Hazzard’s money and control of their finances – misguided and taken advantage of while delirious with hunger.
Perhaps even more amazing is that after starving at least a dozen people to death with her treatment, Hazzard eventually died herself from starvation from her own cure. She actually believed in her treatment. she even performed autopsies on patients who had died and never put two and two together that their organs were shruken because of the starvation and that they didn’t die because the organs were bad, which is what she believed.

Mad Men

*Edit* I am now addicted to this show and love it. 🙂

So I just started watching ‘Mad Men’ which airs on AMC (I just started watching the first season from Netflix) and I’m pretty hooked. For those of you not familiar with the show you can learn everything you could ever want to know (and more) on Wikipedia :

It takes place in the early 60’s in New York at a prestigious advertising agency. This drama seems bent on showing the worst of everyone. So far in three episodes, it seems like no one is happy… most of the married men are having affairs, the wives are gossipy and unhappy in their loveless marriages, women in the office seem to think (and it was probably unfortunately true) that the only way to move ahead is to show off as much flesh as acceptable for the time, flirt with anyone (married men) and basically be easy if it means a promotion or possible marriage so you don’t have to work anymore. Most of the characters I want to smack upside the head, so why am I so hooked on this show now!? Maybe it’s this sick fascination watching all of this and wondering if that’s how it actually was back then… granted, it’s a drama and a televsion show, so you aren’t getting a broad picture, but it would be nice and refreshing to see one or two characters that don’t sleep around, and aren’t lemmings, like perhaps one strong female character who realizes how demeaning it is to have men talk to her or about her likes she’s a piece of meat and has some self-respect because so far none of them seem to. They’re all bent on flirting and being catty and getting free meals out of men (married or not). Also, it would be nice to have a few male characters who don’t all behave like horny bastards and treat every woman like they’re there for one reason only. I’ll watch the rest of the first season and see how it goes. Maybe the sick fascination will wear off the frustration will set in because I’m tired of seeing the worst of people represented.