Happy Holidays!

Do ever just want to hide away somewhere and be completely cut off from everything? Oh, how I wish Josh and I could just disappear someplace for a while.  We’re going to have a busy year, and it would be nice to have complete seclusion – no phones, no computers. I imagine holing up in a cabin someplace and sitting in front of a fire with books in hand and my head rested on his shoulder as we dream of the things to come and make more plans for the things we want to accomplish and do before and after our first wee one arrives. It does all seem so far away at times, though.

Ah well, the holiday season is definitely upon us, and I hope that when we do have a child, it’s a boy, and that he has Josh’s curly hair and mischievious grin – the one I have such a hard time saying “No” to. 😉

In the meantime, I managed to catch a lovely viral infection (doctor thinks it’s Mono) so while it is definitely impeding on my general mood and energy, I shall try and make the best of it and stay in a celebratory mood.

Just a few short weeks

It’s hard to believe this year will be over soon… next year is going to be an eventful one, I think. Josh and I have talked about kids for a while – we’ve always known we’d have them, but once we got married the talk became more serious – we want to be responsible about it as having kids changes your lives forever. Our biggest worry is always finances, but the more we talked about it – we always pull through. Josh may have downtime in between jobs, but we’re getting better when it comes to budgeting and saving as a couple. If one of us lost a job for more than a month or so – we’d find a way to pull through. We somehow always do. So, we talked about the possibility of starting our family in 2011, and I think we’re sticking to it. We may start “trying” as soon as April. We’d start sooner, but we have a road trip to take in May!  One final big road trip, and then potentially a new baby in the early months of 2012… it seems so far away, when you put it that way. :p

I suppose time is good, though, as we need to keep thinking about when we plan on moving West again. I’m excited at the prospect of being closer to my family once we have a baby. My sister wants to try for their second at the beginning of next year as well, so it’ll be fun to be pregnant at the same time. My brother and his wife will be moving back to Colorado in the next year as well, so it would be nice to be closer to both my sister and brother once we all have kids. I always enjoyed getting to see our cousins as often as we did growing up, and really it was only a few times a year, I think.  Plus my dad and stepmom are still in Colorado, so I’d get to be close to one parent if we choose Colorado as our destination. I miss my family immensely so it’s hard not being closer. We can all be pretty bad about picking up the phone too. :p  What can I say, I’ve never been a phone person, and I think it’s inherited. 😉

I know we shouldn’t get too far ahead of ourselves – anything can change or happen, but we’ve been very lucky, and I think our goals are attainable – we’ll make them happen!  I do wish I’d started school much sooner, but the way we have things planned, I should make it through at least 2 semesters before I have to take a break for a semester and then can get back at it again. Sure, I’ll have to figure out things with my job and see if I can work part-time or find a different job, but that’s far enough away it’s not worth thinking too much about. We’ll just have a super brilliant baby as he’ll be surrounded by books at all times. :p

In the meantime, have some Winter!  I’m really not cut out for this below-freezing business. I’m pretty sure I’m part lizard as my dream yard would have a massive sunning rock and no below-freezing weather. :p I don’t mind a bit of snow, which would happen if we go back to Colorado, but at least you rarely get this cold if you’re in the right part of the state.

Doe, a deer

I drove past a doe in the road yesterday morning. I don’t know when she was hit, but she was sitting up – still alive, in a puddle of her own blood while cars drove past her on both sides. I can’t get the image out of my mind. Her eyes were closed and her head lifted toward the sky and I could see her breath because it was so cold. She had to have been in pain and scared.

Maybe it was a sign… I don’t know of what… my day definitely went down-hill afterwards and I keep thinking about her. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but maybe not.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

I don’t know what it is about Christmas lights everywhere that makes me feel giddy. I almost don’t mind that it gets dark as early as it does just because I love to look at the houses that are decorated – the crazier – the better. There are a few houses nearby where the folks have gone all out, and I think we’ll have to go drive by so I can take pictures of the awesomeness. In the meantime, we decorated our own place, however I soon realized that I need a taller step ladder. Our vaulted ceilings are out of my reach and the entry way as well and I had such plans for them!  Perhaps next year.



Now, it’s time to go enjoy some gaming with the hubby. I finished my bunting earlier, a tree skirt earlier in the week, and now it’s time to take a break. A word to the wise – I don’t necessarily recommend felt for sewing when you have to go through several layers of it. I don’t really mind how wonky it looks, but I’ll probably stick with cotton next time. :p

*God Jul = Merry Christmas in Swedish*