Happy New Year!

Well, the blog transfer is going slower than I would have liked with a hiccup here and there and it just generally being more work than I thought it would be as well as sick kiddos, so the new blog won’t be up and running tomorrow. Instead I think I’ll do my year in review and hope that sometime in the next week or so things will be back to normal.

In the meantime, we’re going to wash dishes, tidy up toys and sit down with some ice cream and maybe watch something before falling asleep at reasonable hour because at least two children will be up at least once each during the night.  Hooray!

Happy New Year everyone!


Well, then.

I’m usually better about updating things, but I admit things have been a little stressful around here what with the housing situation. It seems that we will indeed be moving, though, next month.  I don’t think I’ll really breathe a sigh of relief until closing is done, which against all odds will be happening on the same day we close on our place.  We thought for sure we’d have to find a rental, which was proving to be stressful as more and more places had no availabilities or wouldn’t accept a short-term lease.  So, it’s kind of amazing that it’s all coming together.


As far as other things go, our little boy turned 1 this weekend, which I think deserves its own post. He’s doing well and taking more and more steps each day, which also led to an incident at day care in which he lost his balance and hit his lip on a bookshelf.  The poor guy cut his lip open and it was nice and purple this morning.  I can’t believe how big he’s getting… time passes so much more quickly now than it used to.  I remember before having him when there would be times where I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with all my time, and now I don’t seem to have enough of it. I have a stack of things “To Do” and a list of unfinished projects.  Soon… this change in the weather has given me more motivation and I’m feeling excited about things again.


In fact, we’re going to be taking Enzo on his first camping trip soon!  I picked up a massive family tent at Costco a week or so ago during one of our last really big snow storms, and I’m ready! I think everyone thought I was completely nuts walking around with this huge tent while there was snow and slush on the ground. We’ve decided to just do an overnight trip to see how Enzo does and then we’ll plan a longer trip for the 4th of July weekend most likely.  The tent we got is huge, though, and not only will it fit his pack n’ play, but it has a screened in porch area where he can play if it’s too buggy out or if we need him in a safe location while we cook.  So excited!!!

Year In Review

It’s no surprise that last year pretty much revolved around thing… or rather, one person. We took a spontaneous trip to New Ulm for New Year’s last year and then pretty much prepared for the little man’s arrival.

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We have managed to take Enzo to the Biggest Ball of Twine when he was only a few weeks old, and he’s joined us at a few wineries as well. My only excuse for not getting out and doing more with him is that it was a really hot summer (and he’s a little heater), we live in the middle of nowhere and it takes a good 45 minutes or more to really get anywhere, and we’re new parents… it’s a pain to pack up everything and since Enzo spends a good hour and a half in his car seat almost every day… he really doesn’t want to spend time in it on the weekends.

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This next year (once it warms up) I’m sure we’ll get out more often, though, since once we do arrive, generally Enzo is really glad to people watch and hang out.  He loves getting to sit in shopping carts now and is pretty good in his stroller if we’re at the mall, as long as he gets to stretch now and then.

Other notable things for us this year were getting a new bedroom set and new desks for the office, which I realized I never took pictures of… maybe when it’s not a mess. 😉


Enzo also got to go on his first airplane ride, and we (I) learned just how much stuff we actually need to pack for a trip away from home with baby vs. what we actually brought with us.  Oh the insanity.  Next time we’ll be much more organized.

It’s been a good year overall, but has gone by far too quickly.  Now, we’ll just look forward to warmer weather when we can get out and do more.  This lady his major cabin fever.

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Happy New Year!

In just a few moments…

Once again I feel like time is passing me by.  Josh and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary yesterday and in just a few days he’ll be heading out to Colorado to look at houses. I know it’s going to be strange with him gone for that many days considering we haven’t been apart that long in several years – just a night here and there.  So, it’ll be little man and I holding down the fort and attempting to keep the house tidy in case someone calls to see the house.

We’ve officially listed our house – we’re doing everything ourselves in the hopes we’ll save some money, so let’s just hope we can still sell quickly enough.  There are a few more steps I want to take – like contacting several realtors in the area to let them know we’ll pay commission if they bring us a buyer.  In the meantime, we’re getting a storage unit to clear up some clutter and make the place a little more showeable.

Not much else is new in our exciting lives. We stayed in on the 4th as the temps were too high for our taste, plus I had a cold, so I just wanted to nap, but we did get some picnic food and had a picnic in the living room while watching Dumbo with Enzo… I had forgotten just how weird Pink Elephants On Parade was…

We did see fireworks, however, the following weekend from inside – not sure which towns they were, but it was kind of cool to look out one window and see fireworks and then to look out another window and see completely different fireworks.  Perhaps we’ll take Enzo to see his first fireworks next year when it doesn’t interfere with his napping and it isn’t so warm out.

In the meantime, poor little boy has caught my cold (or has nasty allergies already), so the nights especially have not been easy. His nose gets stuffy and he hates the nose aspirator, and he roughly rubs at his face/nose with his hands while he sleeps – most likely because it’s harder to breathe. I tried elevating his cosleeper mattress a tad, but that doesn’t seem to have done much good, and I can’t tell if the humidifier is helping or not or the baby vapo rub. The past two nights he has spent a portion of on the my chest with me sitting up just so everything can drain more easily.  He doesn’t wake up quite as upset, but I definitely don’t sleep as well. Let’s hope this cold doesn’t get worse and that he kicks it before the weekend.

Obligatory Update

The first half of April has gone by surprisingly quickly, though, it would still be nice if it was this day next month because then finals will be over and we’ll be that much closer to going on our honeymoon road trip.  In the meantime, we’ve been enjoying the warmer weather (when it isn’t snowing, that is).

We did get dressed up and go to a wedding yesterday, and had a good time. I promise we had more fun than the picture denotes. What can I say? I am not comfortable in front of the camera.

Time to hit the books again, but at least I know that Josh won’t be bored in the meantime.  😉