Week 39

I admit… I didn’t really think I’d be making a Week 39 post, and now with the way things are going, I have a feeling we may go past our due date next Wednesday.  We’ve decided the baby definitely takes after his dad considering Josh is not a morning person and sometimes has to be dragged out of bed in the morning after he’s been hitting the snooze button for 45 minutes. Perhaps this is baby’s way of hitting that snooze button. If he was like his mom… he’d be here already. 😉


So, yesterday in an effort to relax, Josh and I went and did a wine tasting – I figured a few ounces at this stage of things really wouldn’t matter, and it was nice to be out with my husband for what will most likely be the last time it’s just the two of us for a while.  Granted, there will be sitters, but it’s probably the last spontaneous little outing that is just the two of us.

It was nice to not have much planned for today, and I decided to make a cake because holy cow, I’m 39 weeks pregnant and ridiculously uncomfortable and need me some comfort food (like I haven’t already been eating enough junk).  At this point, I just really hope he pops out before he has to be induced because we are ready to meet this little boy.


Week 38

It’s hard to believe there is less than two weeks to go until our due date.  We’re so excited to meet our little boy and have asked him if maybe he thinks this weekend he’ll decide to come out and play.  The gals at my office are guessing this weekend, so we’ll see if anything happens tonight or tomorrow – fingers crossed because I’m definitely ready… I think. Ha ha.


Week 37

Not much new going on this week… just patiently trying to wait.  The last month is definitely hard, though.  Time seems to both drag and go too quickly at the same time.  I’m looking forward to not feeling so uncomfortable anymore, but at the same time, I imagine it’ll be strange not being pregnant anymore and instead having this little tiny person depending on us for so much.  On the plus side, I think we’re as ready as we’ll ever be.


In the meantime, I’m really excited about the warmer weather, and I’m glad the baby will be born at such a nice time  of the year – when everything is warming up and we spend so much time outside grilling and my favorite part – gardening. I’m looking forward to getting a garden started again!

While we’re still trying to get a few things accomplished before baby arrives, I think today will be more of a relaxing day.  I started my morning out with red raspberry leaf tea (I’ve been drinking it because it’s supposed to be good for the uterus) and a muffin,

While others decided catnip induced craziness was more their style.

I believe he’s now worn himself out and is fast asleep on Josh’s lap.  At least all we had planned was doing our taxes today and a few minor other things. 😉

New Tumblr Blog

Josh and I hopped on the Instagram bandwagon and decided to set up a Tumblr blog of Instagram photos only for anyone who wants to follow what we’re up to in pictures only, especially since with a new baby coming soon, I can’t imagine I’ll be blogging a whole lot on this blog in the beginning since I can barely manage one a week now as it is. 😉 

So here’s the link:


Week 36

Well, we’re at 36 weeks – technically almost 37 (on Wednesday).  I’m doing weekly appointments with the midwives, so no we just wait an see when our little boy decides to arrive!  I admit I’m nervous, excited, but definitely nervous about becoming a parent. I know Josh is going to be such a good dad, though, and I’m excited at the thought of having a mini Josh.  It still feels somewhat surreal at times, however, that we’ll meeting this tiny person in less than a month.


In other events, we got a lot accomplished this weekend like putting together the baby swing and bouncer and installing the car seat base in my car, as well as putting together a bag to take to the hospital when the time comes.  I still feel like there’s so much to prepare for, but I think overall, we’re pretty much good to go.


(The Care Bears are to keep the cats from jumping up into them).

I also did a little organizing in the baby’s room, so I feel like it’s finally all coming together – the curtains don’t really match, but I kind of ran out of time to make some that do… so for now the baby gets uber girly curtains until I have time to make some or just cave and buy some. :p