Ta Da!

It’s certainly not perfect and there are still a lot of little changes I need to make, but here we are… the new blog with name change since there are no longer three of us and I wanted something I wouldn’t have to change again.  The banner is a little cutesy right now, but I’m hoping to have someone draw something a lot better soon!

In the meantime, for anyone who follows me, you now want to follow: http://www.dinosandbunnies.com.

And now to go catch up on a plethora of things.  How can it be a new year and already I feel like I have so much to catch up on?  Between sick kids and apparently too much relaxing via reading and watching shows, I now need to get back on track.  I’m actually looking forward to getting back into a routine again, though I will miss not working. 😉  Oh, to be a lady of leisure.

Happy New Year!

Well, the blog transfer is going slower than I would have liked with a hiccup here and there and it just generally being more work than I thought it would be as well as sick kiddos, so the new blog won’t be up and running tomorrow. Instead I think I’ll do my year in review and hope that sometime in the next week or so things will be back to normal.

In the meantime, we’re going to wash dishes, tidy up toys and sit down with some ice cream and maybe watch something before falling asleep at reasonable hour because at least two children will be up at least once each during the night.  Hooray!

Happy New Year everyone!


Have a wonderful end of the year!

I am officially off for 5 days.  Hooray!  I’m looking forward to some extra time with my kiddos who have needed some extra Mama time the past few days.


It’s nice, though, after a rough week or so.  I think things are slowly mellowing a bit and I’m really keeping an eye on how I handle Enzo and his tantrums. It’s been more about trying to head them off really, and while it can take more time, I’ve already talked him out of a couple of tantrums.  I really do think he’s appreciated it too because after it happened is when he started being super Mama needy. This morning his dad brought him in and he was wriggly with the happiness and practically leapt into my arms.  Maybe both of them can sense that I’m really trying to work on keeping my anger in check and trying to just be more at ease.


I’m not perfect and got snappy this morning because he was pushing my buttons, but I noticed it, and stopped myself from falling into that back-and-forth with him and he did cooperate.  I’m figuring him out, though, so now I just need to show Josh how to do the same and our mornings/evenings should go easier. I know we’re still going to have those moments where nothing will stop a tantrum, but that’s fairly normal for this age.  As for why Miss Phoebe has been super clingy… I couldn’t tell you, but I think it might be teething and just this age as well.


One of things we both need to work on is that sometimes I have to be okay with her just crying, and she in turn also has to learn that sometimes she has to wait.  She gets rather impatient very quickly and then suddenly she’s got crocodile tears rolling down her cheeks.  I, of course, get stressed because my immediate reaction is to stop all the crying.  ALL the crying.  I always knew this would be hard for me… ever since middle school when we had to take those fake babies home for the weekend and mine was colicky and cried all the time. I was so stressed out because I felt I was failing as a fake mom to my fake baby because I couldn’t make it stop crying.  So, yeah, going into real parenthood, I knew that crying babies stressed me out. Boy were we lucky with two calm babies!


All that being said, knowing that Winter is the hardest time of the year for me, I’m doing what I can to be more diligent when it comes to taking care of my mental and physical health.  They obviously respond better to me when I can remain calm, so my goal is to continue to be mindful in everything I do.  I can’t tell you how good it felt when I was able to talk Enzo out of a tantrum that normally would have led to 10 minutes of screaming and yelling.  It only took a minute or two and it actually gained us time by just stopping everything and calmly helping him take a breath and figure out what went wrong and how to fix it.  I shall be Whisperer of Toddlers!


Anyhoo, here’s  to a wonderful last week of 2014 and a mindful, peaceful 2015!

Winding Down

I am so looking forward to having a 5 day weekend.  Josh and I decided to take Friday off and go see a movie (hopefully) while the kiddos are in day care. This might be my last post before the new year as well depending on time and how easily my blog transfer goes.  It was a long weekend. I caught some kind of cold bug, which combined with my wierd allergy issues meant I was pretty much wiped out.  Friday I woke up with one of those sinus headaches where your teeth throb, swollen tonsils, sore throat – you name it.  My hives also decided to get much worse over the weekend, so it’s time to get something stronger and see the allergist, I think.  I woke up with lips plumper than a Kardashian’s this Sunday and today my left eye is puffy… only the left one.  So weird.  Enough complaining, though!

If you want to win “Best Cookie/Bar” in your office cookie competition, than make Gooey Honey Blondies (like I did).

Awesome family photos gone wrong.

Really looking forward to seeing this!

The World’s Oldest Living Things

Yearly Holiday Card

One of my favorite things about this time of year is mail – especially the holiday cards and year-in-review cards we receive from family and friends who we haven’t seen in a long time.  When you have kids it’s so easy for a year to go by in an instant and while social media makes quick catch-ups so easy, it’s not as personal as receiving something via the good ole USPS.  Even if it’s just a photo card, we enjoy getting them (I use the blog as an excuse to not write a year end letter). 😉

When we first decided to send out a holiday card we knew we didn’t want to do a standard photo because it’s not really “us,” so now each year we try to come up with a unique idea, which is both a lot more fun and difficult with kids added into the mix.


The year we got married and the start of a tradition.



This was the year we found out we were going to be parents, so this idea was actually inspired by a friend who posted a screenshot from ‘Alien’ to my Facebook wall when we announced the news.



I knew I wanted to do this when I realized that Enzo would be big enough to sit up on his own by the time we need to take the photo.  Nom nom, babies!



This year, I don’t have a picture of – we went for your standard collage card because Phoebe was a newborn and we didn’t have the energy to do anything creative.


There really is no explanation needed is there?  Let me just say it is not easy to get two children this young to cooperate for one photo.  It was a fun one, though.



We already have a plan for next year, and it’s going to be spectacular and take some sewing on my part, so I should probably start now since I don’t really sew.