It’s easy to get caught up in all of the things that haven’t gone exactly the way I’d like them to, so in the spirit of the season, and as a reminder to myself, here are some of the things I’m thankful for (though there are plenty more not listed).

*A husband who is a good, generous, and kind man*

*Family and Friends*


*Cats who make me laugh, even though they know how to drive me up the wall at times*


(He did ^ that by himself – ever undeterred by… anything)

 *A roof over our heads and a place to watch the sunset*

*A childlike heart and a husband with the same*


*Vision to see the beauty all around us*




Planning our next big adventure…

It’s nice to have something to plan for again. As long as nothing big changes, we’ll be heading out on our honeymoon road trip in May after I finish the Spring Semester Finals! Yahoo! Thanks to a good friend, we already have a trip fund started, and we have decided on a route! It’ll be based on two major stops – first, New Orleans and then we’re going to drive to Florida down to the keys for some fun and sun. We’ve never been South or East, so it’ll be a new adventure for both of us. We’ve been working on finding lots of destinations to stop at – museums, weird random things, funky eateries, you name it, so soon it will be time to narrow down our options. I’m looking forward to a leisurely trip, yet I have a feeling it’s going to be jam-packed as well. The hardest part will be figuring out where and when to stop and reserve hotel rooms, so hooray for research (I actually really like research).

Ah, the open road… the thought just might get me through the winter. 😉

October… where did you go?

It was a very busy October, and I almost can’t believe it’s November already. The month went by in the blink of an eye, so what better way to sum it up than a few pictures, which there also aren’t many – it seems like I’ve been too busy or have lacked the movtivation to document our lives lately. Ah well, as the colder weather sets in I always feel a tad more gloomy. I’ve been making some plans to start school in the Spring – mad dash to register now, and I’m going to look into some ways to better my photography. Practice, being first and foremost, but also honing my skills with what I have since I can’t afford any new equipment. Now, if only I had some willing subjects… :p