Feeding Time!

The grass is ready and the cats immediately started grazing… followed by an immediate puke fest from Uzi because he over-indulged. Sigh. :p

In other events, we went to see ‘Monsters v. Aliens’ over the weekend and it was a lot of fun, so if you haven’t seen it, you should! I also just watched ‘The Duchess’ and I really liked it. Normally I don’t particularly care for Kiera Knightley, but she really did a good job in this film. You really feel for her character and after verifying some of the facts, a lot of the movie is based on the Duchess of Devonshire’s actual life, which is always nice. I hate watching a film that says it is based on actual events only to find out it is only very loosely based on fact.

Picture Post

Ziggy has been full of it lately, so I thought I would post some of her silliness. She just loves running around and sliding on the linoleum and those rugs.

^And Uzi being adorable.

And now for some pictures of Josh and one of his hobbies that he is quite talented at. He takes regular action figures that often have only so-so paint jobs and he repaints them and makes them look amazing. These pictures really don’t do them justice because the flash makes the colors a little funny. They’re awesome, though. The first four are all TMNT figures and the last one is The Scarecrow that he painted for Andrew’s birthday and came out really good, but of course, you can’t tell all the details and everything in the photo.

In honor of Spring, I decided to go start tanning again just to get a little bit of color and warm up. I found a somewhat decent priced place to go – much better than the other which required appointments and was staffed by women who looked like old pieces of leather you’d find out in the desert. The other place I chose is conveniently located close to home and right next to a liquor store, which is perfect since I’m hooked on Barefoot wine right now – especially the Moscato. It’s soooo tasty and cheap! However, vanity does not come cheap and I got burned. I think I was only in for 8 minutes and by bedtime I was red and could definitely feel it. Josh couldn’t quite contain his laughter as he rubbed lotion onto my burnt backside, but I’m glad I could amuse him. :p

In other Spring time news I’m going to plant some grass for the kitties in a planter to keep in the house. I know it isn’t quite the same as being able to go outside, but hopefully it will help ease the pain of imprisonment just a tad. I’m still considering getting a leash and letting them walk around, but I don’t know if that would just be putting salt on the wound or not. I have also discovered that peppermint and spearmint are supposed to repel ants, so I’m going to be planting both around the house and maybe putting some in pots in the house and see if that helps any. I’m looking into various different plants that repel various bugs so we don’t have to keep resorting to sprays and such.

My life oozes excitement. :p Anyhoo, pictures to come soon – I’m going to try and get out with the camera more often and will document the changes from Winter to Spring and my growing endeavors and oodles more. I really want to get better with this camera, too. I got so used to my old camera, and even though we’ve had this new camera for a while, I just haven’t played with it as much I should to get really good photos. Ah well.

Picture Post

Well, I got my hair cut and the pictures aren’t great, but after taking like 30 different pictures, these are the most decent ones. Meh.

And… Josh was home today and the weather was warm and the critters were fiesty, so he got some great shots of the naughty squirrels!!