Week 23

Yeah, another week without an official belly shot.  Saturday morning I had to run errands and when I returned we just got a little busy doing stuff around the house, and then Sunday morning we decided to go to the zoo, and would have taken a picture before leaving, except we were in a hurry to get the little man in the car as he (and I) were both cranky.  Thankfully a day at the zoo was just what we needed, but I’ll do a separate post for that.


As for the wee girl, though – her kicks are becoming more and more noticeable as time progresses, and I forgot how wonderful it feels to be able to feel those movements so strongly, and with my hand.  Sure, sometimes it’s uncomfortable – when she’s feet down and it’s late at night or as I sit at my desk, but it’s so much fun at the same time. Less than 4 months to go and then we’ll welcome our little lady into the world.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing a lot of baking and cooking this past weekend.  I decided to try out some veggie pancakes that included zucchini and carrots, and we all really enjoyed them – almost like zucchini bread in pancake form once I tweak the recipe I found online a bit.

Veggie Pancakes

Then Enzo and I made banana bread – I went with a healthier version than I usually do so that it was a tad more nutritious for Enzo to munch on as well.


I think his favorite part was helping to mash the bananas, which isn’t too surprising. He only flung a few forkfuls. 😉


I’ve definitely been on more of a baking/cooking kick lately, which probably isn’t a bad thing.  I also made a big batch of chili this weekend, but alas, Enzo was only interested in the kidney beans. We have a hard time getting him to eat anything that has too much “sauce.”  I guess it’s too messy for him since he still hasn’t mastered the fork, and hasn’t shown much interest in doing so lately.  Ah well, all in good time.


Flashback Friday

I’ve been going through some photos lately and came across some old scanned in photos of the cats from when they were little.   Uzi really hasn’t changed much, as you can see.


Just kind of a miniature version of the cat he is now.


Ziggy, however, was the tiniest kitten I’ve ever seen when Becky brought her home.  I remember that I had bought her a little kitty toy to give her, only when Ziggy came walking out of the room I realized the toy was pretty much the same size as her… she was absolutely itty bitty – like a big mouse. Apparently she wasn’t to remain a runt, though. 😉


Ah, memories.


I’ve been fortunate enough to get to work from home one day a week for a few weeks now, and I’m definitely enjoying it.  It’s been fun for Enzo to have his dad take him to day care that day, and also gets him used to when Josh will most likely be doing more drop-off/pick-ups in the near future.  Once the two of them rush out of the house, it’s amazing how quiet the house is… granted, I get glimpses of this in the early mornings before the two of them get up, but I’ve gotten so used to my rowdy boys, it’s almost strange how quiet the house is when they aren’t there.


The cats almost immediately come out and stretch and make themselves at home. Generally Ziggy is found downstairs or under the bed when Enzo is home, but during the day she’ll often lounge at the top of the stairs when she isn’t in Josh’s chair.


It’s hard to say how the furballs are going to react to yet another small human.  It probably won’t be too bad in the beginning since Baby Girl won’t be able to move – they didn’t really start to avoid Enzo until he was mobile.  Still, two small kiddos, one incredibly needy cat, and one neurotic cat will be interesting.


22 Weeks

Not much is new in terms of baby news.  I’m definitely feeling her kick more regularly, though, which is always comforting. As with Enzo my placenta is anterior, which explains why I didn’t feel either of them really early on, or at least not often. Since my next appointment isn’t until 28 weeks, it’ll at least be comforting that I can feel her reassuring kicks that all is well.

Week 22

As for being pregnant during the summer… yeah, I don’t necessarily recommend it.  This past week has been brutal and my work attire has been a bit more casual than work generally encourages, but I don’t care.  Tank tops, skirts and sandals are what got me through. Okay, enough complaining, it could be worse.  I could be 40 weeks pregnant now and dealing with this heat. :p

Week 22-2


We finally got around to taking Enzo to a park this past weekend.  I think we were all getting bored in the house, so I figured we might as well get the little man outside.  It just so happens there’s a fairly decent park not too far from us and despite there being a softball game going on, there weren’t too many kids at the playground.

Surprisingly enough, he wasn’t a big fan of the swings…

Swings1 Swings2

The slide, however, he thoroughly enjoyed and wanted to go again, and again, and again.  Thankfully with so few kids there, he was able to as many times as he wanted since the bigger kids weren’t really into such a tiny slide.

Slide1 Slide2

We didn’t hang out for too long, but let Enzo get comfortable walking on the gravel and then we had a snack before deciding to get in the car and heading towards home.  While we weren’t there long, the little man passed out in the car, so we made a detour to Dairy Queen and drove around for a bit to let Mr. Enzo have a nice little snooze before we got home.  I think next up we’ll try a park with a splash pad and see how he does… maybe give those swings another try as well. 😉