Unpacking Complete!

Well, I think we’ve officially unpacked and are having a few people over for dinner on Friday night in celebration. We’ll most likely have a larger gathering a different weekend once I get even more in order. I still have a few piles here and there to work on, but it’s definitely all coming together and as soon as my new camera arrives I shall be taking pictures of our new space for the next 6 months. :p I admit that I’m eager to grow some roots, so let’s hope that our next move in 6 months (if all works out) will be a good opportunity to settle. I admit I feel like my biological clock has started ticking quite loudly, though it’s a frightening prospect at the same time. I have worries and sometimes feel selfish because I wonder about what happens to our relationship when there’s no longer just two of us, but three.

Anyhoo… pictures to come and new adventures and for once I’ll start blogging regularly again for those who do stop by and read. 😉

6 months to go!

Yikes! We’re getting married in 6 months! It has really started to hit me over the past few days. There is so much to do and I’ve only got the dress ordered – then come the alterations. I think I need to start making some phone calls and make sure we have our venues in order and someone to officiate and all that other crazy stuff. Ack!