Another great purchase…

Enzo is an awesome baby, but when he’s so little it can be hard to put him just anywhere and considering he spends so much time in the car in his car seat, it’s no wonder he doesn’t want to be in it when we aren’t in the car. Plus he’s kind of small for his stroller still and with his delicate skin, I want to make sure he’s protected from the sun and bugs. We finally got to use the little tent we bought him this weekend and it was awesome. It’s perfect for long days outside because he can kick around on his back then take a much more comfortable nap than he would in a stroller or one someone’s lap.

I think the only downside was that he still got kind of hot (his back was all sweaty) so we may just need to strip him down – it is summer after all.

He did really well at the family BBQ this weekend, though, not that I’m surprised… he’s an awesome baby. ūüėČ ¬†The only time he got fussy was towards the end of the day when he just got a little too hot and tired. I think he passed out as soon as I put him in his car seat, ha ha. ¬†He’s a good little man, though, and is going to make having a second and/or third child much easier. Even if his brother/sister isn’t as easy going as he is… I know I won’t ¬†have to worry about this little man.

Rolling over and tough decisions

Well, July is shaping up to be a busy month… and what do you know – it’s almost over. We listed our townhome almost two weeks ago I think and we’ve had a few showings since then, including another one scheduled for this weekend. I don’t know why showings stress me out, but they do.¬†Probably because Josh has been gone, and it’s almost impossible to get the baby out of the house in just a moment’s notice. By the time I grabbed everything they’d be done looking around anyway, so at least now that Josh is back, Enzo and I can sneak out a little before any appointments – everyone has been about 15 minutes early each time – and then people don’t feel weird looking around with us there. I just figure the baby helps sell the place, because who doesn’t love an adorable baby? ūüėČ

Enzo and I had a pretty good time while his daddy was in Colorado Springs looking at potential homes.¬† The time went by really fast surprisingly and I got to witness his next big milestone reached – rolling over from tummy to back!¬† He did it several times, but has yet to do it now that Josh is home, however, he is trying like mad to roll over from his back to his tummy now.¬† I’m not sure why he hasn’t rolled over again since this past weekend… perhaps no incentive? Ah well, he is getting big so fast, I’m in no rush to hurry things along.

¬†As for Josh’s trip… was it a success?¬† We’re not sure yet.¬† We have a couple of houses that might work, but it all depends on whether or not our offer is accepted.¬† If not, well, we’re not sure what our next step is if that happens. It’s not like Josh can skip on down to Colorado every weekend to house hunt, so we have a couple of back-up ideas in mind, but not all of them are ideal. So, we wait and see.

Really all that matters is that we do what’s best for our family and we’ll know what that is when it strikes us.

In just a few moments…

Once again I feel like time is passing me by.¬† Josh and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary yesterday and in just a few days he’ll be heading out to Colorado to look at houses. I know it’s going to be strange with him gone for that many days considering we haven’t been apart that long in several years – just a night here and there.¬† So, it’ll be little man and I holding down the fort and attempting to keep the house tidy in case someone calls to see the house.

We’ve officially listed our house – we’re doing everything ourselves in the hopes we’ll save some money, so let’s just hope we can still sell quickly enough.¬†¬†There are a few more steps I want to take – like contacting several realtors in the area to let them know we’ll pay commission if they bring us a buyer.¬† In the meantime, we’re getting a storage unit to clear up some clutter and make the¬†place a little more showeable.

Not much else is new in our exciting lives. We stayed in on the 4th as the temps were too high for our taste, plus I had a cold, so I just wanted to nap, but we did get some picnic food and had a picnic in the living room while watching Dumbo with Enzo… I had forgotten just how weird Pink Elephants On Parade was…

We did see fireworks, however, the following weekend from inside – not sure which towns they were, but it was kind of cool to look out one window and see fireworks and then to look out another window and see completely different fireworks.¬† Perhaps we’ll take Enzo to see his first fireworks next year when it doesn’t interfere with his napping and it isn’t so warm out.

In the meantime, poor little boy has caught my cold (or has nasty allergies already), so the nights especially have not been easy. His nose gets stuffy and he hates the nose aspirator, and he roughly rubs at his face/nose with his hands while he sleeps – most likely because it’s harder to breathe. I tried elevating his cosleeper mattress a tad, but that doesn’t seem to have done much good, and I can’t tell if the humidifier is helping or not or the baby vapo rub. The past two nights he has spent a portion of on the my chest with me sitting up just so everything can drain more easily.¬† He doesn’t wake up quite as upset, but I definitely don’t sleep as well. Let’s hope this cold doesn’t get worse and that he kicks it before the weekend.