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If you or anyone you know is a video-gamer, then you have to go to my husband’s new site. He’s just opened up a new online video game business, and it’s worth checking out and bookmarking as new inventory should arrive on a fairly regular basis as business picks up. Why visit his shop over your local businesses?

For one thing, the trade-in is better than any store I’m aware of, so it’s worth the wait for shipping, plus all games are cleaned and tested before they go out the door to avoid any unnecessary returns due to non-working games.

Josh does what he can to keep the shipping down, but you can also be sure your game will arrive safe, rather than some online used stores where shipping is cheap because there is no padding and who knows when you’ll receive it.

And last of all, but most importantly – the prices are really good! He doesn’t overcharge like most of the kiosks you find in the mall for vintage games, or most of the chain stores.

If that isn’t reason enough to shop there, you can at least go to read a fantastic game comic and game reviews, so spread the word!

Sandstorm Genesis Games

Travel to space?

After hearing more and more about Virgin Galactic it makes me wonder whether I would plunk down the cash if I ever had $200,000 to experience being in space for just a few moments really.  I think, if for some reason I had an absurd amount of money to throw around, I would. It’s one of those once in a lifetime experiences after all. I have always wondered what it would be like to go into space, however, since I’ll never have an extra $200k I will probably always have to wonder. Besides, knowing my luck, I’d never make it because I’d get such bad motion sickness. :p

Franconia Sculpture Park

Because we were already in Chisago, we decided to drive a little further up the road to see the Franconia Sculpture Park. In a word it was… interesting. While I enjoy art, neither of us are very knowledgable when it comes to Modern Art, so I’d say Josh’s expression in the following picture sums up his thoughts of the experience:


There were a variety of pieces to look at and the grounds were quite expansive, so you can easily spend an hour or so just walking around to see each piece. We hadn’t realized that they also have a summer concert series, so they were readying a stage  for the evening’s festivities. Due to flooding, we did our best to make our way around the park – various paths lead you to different areas – without getting too wet.



Curiouser and curiouser…