The Secret Life Of Bees

I joined a book club recently and the first book of choice was ‘The Secret Life of Bees’ by Sue Monk Kid. We had our first meeting last Thursday, and I enjoyed it. I felt awkward at first, as always when meeting with a group of strangers, but I think by the next meeting I’ll find it easier to join in. As for the book itself, it was good. It takes place in the 60s and is about several women, one of whom is a young white girl Lily who ends up breaking the woman who looks after her Rosaleen out of jail, who happens to be black and the two of them run away to the small town of Tiburon, led there by a picture that Lily’s mother (who is deceased) left behind. It ends up being a label for a honey jar – Black Madonna Honey and ultimately leads the two to the women who are behind the honey. It’s a very heart-felt book and you feel a bond with the group of women you’re introduced to. They all have various troubles and problems and somehow they get through it. It’s a pretty inspiring book about overcoming obstacles and seeing things from different perspectives. You’ll laugh and you might even cry a little – I did and you might even come to have a little bit of respect for the tiny creatures the book is named for. Generally I don’t care for bees, but I definitely feel a bit differently about them now.

I’m afraid I haven’t been very good with keeping in touch with family and friends lately. You should never be too busy for either of those, but time seems to be flying by faster than I can keep up with it and now with the second job that I got, I’m going to have even less time to get things done that I need to let alone have much free time. That being said, we’re hosting a game night this Saturday and then the following Saturday we’ll be hosting Thanksgiving. Thankfully I’m not in charge of all of the cooking – phew – that’s a relief considering I’ve never even cooked a turkey. I shall be making pies galore, though, and I’ve convinced Josh to build a gingerbread house with me this year and we want to do something big and slightly ridiculous, which is probably a bit ambitious when you take into account we’ve never even made a simple kit gingerbread house before. :p

It’s that time of year…

Yes, we have officially started decorating for Christmas. We picked up a little tree today, wrapped more presents, hung up some lights. It’s magical. :p

The weather has been overcast and chilly and we’ve gotten a little bit of snow, but nothing that has really stuck. As for other things, I got my hair done yesterday and love how a simple thing like a haircut can make you feel like a completely new person.

Official First Post

As we approach the 6 month mark, I am hopeful that our lives are going to get back on track. They (whoever they are) say the first year after a big move is often the hardest, but I’m going to hope that our hardest months are behind us. It’s been hard finding permanent jobs in a highly competetive market and it can be pretty disheartening sending out your resume left and right and going on interviews only to find out you’re one of a hundred candidates and the chances are slim. I’m still working on mastering my interview technique (you’d think I’ve had enough practice by now) and hope after a lot of preparation this weekend I can ace my interview on Monday.

Oh, and welcome to my blog! 🙂