Friday… er Wednesday Funday!

There is nothing better than a long weekend. Okay, maybe not having to work at all would be better, but I’ll take what I can get.  I’m hoping that by saying it, I won’t completely jinx us this weekend, but we’re going to attempt potty training this weekend in the hopes that by Monday, Enzo will be good to go.  He was showing interest, so we’ll see if still wants to come Friday. 😉 Hooray parenting!

Don’t ask how to feed the 9 billion, rather ask how to stop poverty.

I’m hooked on Serial.

How to multiply without a calculator.

And finally, if Dwight Schrute quotes were motivational posters.


Busy Bee

Our little Phoebe has always been a busy bee, but now she’s really into anything and everything, and her frustration grows when she can’t have what she wants or lack of coordination gets in the way. Most of the time she’s as happy as can be, though, just exploring or chasing after her big brother.


I love to sit and watch her brain work as she carefully picks items up and then thoughtfully examines them before putting them in her mouth to chew on, or perhaps banging them against something else, or if it’s a car decide to take it for a drive.


It’s always a mystery to me which toys will hold her interest at any given moment, but more often than not she wants what Enzo has because clearly it must be the hot ticket item of the moment or he wouldn’t be playing with it.  We’re also finally at that stage where her big brother can’t just get away with grabbing a toy from her. Some toys she may not care about, but for the most part she wants it back and has no problem trying to take it back. She is no delicate flower.


Which is good because I want her to be strong and stand up for herself.  We’re now trying to get her brother to stop teaching her how to hit, although it’s really his own fault now when she whacks him for taking her toy.  We’ll keep working on that, and in the meantime keep encouraging them to play together or at least peacefully next to each other occasionally using the same toys.


One great thing about day care is how quickly Enzo learned to play with and share with others.  That doesn’t mean he always shares nicely, but overall he does very well and we know Phoebe will learn to do the same. It’s also nice that we’re able to all play together at the same time and that Phoebe is learning so quickly.  She’s picking up new words almost daily and can point to her nose as well her mouth and say both (well, they mostly sound like they’re supposed to). She also prefers saying “Hi” over “Bye” and likes to wave and give high fives. I can only imagine what I’ll be adding in a few weeks when she’s officially 13 months old.


Send coffee… and donuts while you’re at it.

I am especially thankful for a short work week after a not so very restful night… or rather several nights.  We’re adjusting things and hoping that Enzo will not keep fighting bedtime and will also not keep waking up in the middle of the night, but in the meantime, Phoebe has also decided not to sleep through the night.  We’ve all been a bit fussy due to lack of sleep.  Remember moments like this? I do… I do.


Last night it started with an earlier bedtime for Enzo, however it was still an hour later before he finally stayed put in bed.  We think his clock may be too bright now… go figure.  However, he still woke up at midnight, so I stumbled into his room and ended up laying down with him, only to wake up at 2:00am because I could hear Phoebe squirming and fussing in her crib.  Josh was blissfully sleeping, despite the monitor by his head, so I found her pacifier and crawled back into our bed.  Around 3:00, though, Phoebe was standing up in her crib and fussing.  I may have swatted Josh a few times and told him it was his turn to get up.  Baby girl was wide awake, though. Josh changed her and she continued to stay wide awake in our bed rolling around, crawling on top of us.


Then at around 4:00, I heard Enzo again… he was back and whining at the gate in his doorway.  Up I got, and talked Enzo into crawling back into bed by agreeing to lay down with him again.  He put his hand on my arm this time – probably trying to make sure I wouldn’t get up again.  He fell asleep, though, and aroudn 4:30 I headed back to our bed… only to find Baby Girl had completely taken over my side of the bed.  I gave up and made Josh give up part of his half and managed to close my eyes for half an hour before it was time to get up.  All this to say… I’m tired and really looking forward to a short week even though it won’t mean sleeping in like it would have in the past.  Ha ha.  Maybe we can convince the kiddos to sleep until 6:00 or 7:00 if we’re lucky.  😉


Friday Funday!

We have a fairly uneventful weekend planned. Tomorrow I get to get my eyeglass/contact prescription updated because my eyesight has unsurprisingly gotten worse. My appointment is, however, located near delicious cupcakes, so you can bet I’ll be making a stop.

A video game that simulates dementia.

An 80’s child’s Christmas Wish List. Some of these I had completely forgotten about!

So… at least we’re not in Buffalo. This is my nightmare.

Yay! A new one!



I’ve seen other bloggers do a variation of what they are currently up to, so I thought I’d do the same thing since often it doesn’t fit anywhere else.


Well, I didn’t really get into ‘Middlesex’ and instead have been focusing on ‘The Dresden Files.’  I think as I mentioned last month, I’ll finish the current book I’m on and then move on to something else for a switch. I haven’t decided what, though, as I’ve been watching more TV than reading lately. Tsk Tsk.


As far as television series go, need I even say that we’re still working our way through ‘Fringe’?  I can’t believe that ‘Parenthood’ is going to be over in just a few short weeks.  What will I watch then??? I sometimes put ‘Once Upon A Time’ on in the background because it’s cheesiness is semi-amusing and I can’t seem to stop watching it. I’ve also been watching ‘Gilmore Girls’ and started watching ‘Reign’ because the teen girl in me was interested.

As far as movies go, there have been a few duds quite honestly.  The one movie that was pretty fun (despite some plot issues that kind of bugged us) was ‘Edge of Tomorrow.’  It’s a fun action sci-fi movie and while Tom Cruise was alright, I really liked Emily Blunt. Like I said, there were a few story issues, but if you want a fun sci-fi movie this is it.  Ever since I had kids I can’t handle a lot of gore, so the PG-13 rating was perfect for me.


So much of everything, and I don’t care if I gain 10 pounds because I love it all.  I love this time of year because the fudge covered Ritz crackers are back along with so many other tasty and delicious things. With the colder weather it’s also the perfect time to drink more tea and a big mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream.


This time of year. I’m not a big fan of winter in general, and there is a lot of yucky pushy, rude, consumerism going on, but there are also just enough people out there who are in a really great mood because they also like this time of year and they make up for the all of the other lame people.  I’m also ready for lights to go up.  It’s nice that during this dark, cold, dreary time of year all of the lights somehow make it bearable with all of their happy twinkliness (<it should be a word).


I’m just going to say it… winter, or below freezing temperatures, rather.  There is no bigger pain than dealing with layers and bundling up small children.

Thinking About

Once again… so much and yet not so much. I spent most of my daydreaming time thinking about what we’ll do when we win the lottery. Yes, not if, but when.  I don’t think I’d change much about our lives except doing work that I really care about and not needing to worry about whether or not it would pay the bills.  Most of all, though, I think about everything we could do for other people… how exciting it would be to randomly surprise family and strangers with what they need most. Yeah, we’d do some selfish things, for sure, but really is there anything better than doing something really awesome for someone else?  I don’t think so.