4 Months

And suddenly 4 months went by… how did my little man go from this:

To this:

So quickly?

Either way, the past 4 months have been an adventure. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, but overall I can truly say it’s been a joy and I’m so grateful for this little boy.¬† He’s trying so hard to grow up quickly – he already wants to crawl, but the child can’t even sit on his own. Go figure. ūüėČ He’s grabby and intrigued by everthing. I love watching him notice new things and explore them with his hands, including my face.¬† Ha ha.¬† Let’s see what else will change in just a month as he seems to grow and change daily!

The smell of new furniture…

Well, we’ve got our bedroom mostly put together now, and the office halfway there as well. ¬†We’re going to pick up a small cube shelf for our bedroom to hold some extra shoes and to have a place for the humidifier and air purifier to sit, and then that’ll do it. ¬†We don’t have nearly as much room in our bedroom now, but eventually we’ll be getting a bigger house, and do you really need a lot of floor space in a bedroom anyway? ¬†I think we’re all much happier with the new arrangement.

Although next time we should probably actually measure things to make sure they fit so we don’t end up losing half our closet space as well. ūüėČ


So with that done, we just need to move a few more things around in the office and it’ll all be complete! ¬†I think Enzo will be glad when we are no longer spending half our time putting together furniture, and can more fully focus on him once again. He’s growing by the day it seems, and he’s started to laugh – real laughs, though they do take some coaxing. ¬†He’s learning new things every day and is enjoying Peek-A-Boo, even if it scares him at first when his dad covers his face with a blanket – you get a lot of these faces, so maybe it’s just excitement and not “Oh crap, the world is ending!” Ha ha

Also a new first – he noticed one of the cats for the first time today. Usually he just doesn’t seem to notice them at all, but today he was playing and happened to look over at Ziggy who was on the floor taking a bath and he was completely enthralled. ¬†He started reaching his hands out to her, but of course she didn’t want him touching her. I told her she’d better watch out because it’s only a matter of time before he’s chasing after them.

Changing it up… Before Shots!

Since we decided to postpone our move to Colorado, we decided we should at least make a few changes around the house.¬† We’ve been spending more time at home, for one thing, and will probably continue to do so as we save up money, or attempt to. (Why must there be so many irresistable cute baby things that I can’t help buying??). I digress.

So, we finally decided to buy matching bedroom furniture and matching desk sets for our office.¬† Josh works from home frequently and needed a better set up, and I couldn’t stand mine either, so for functionality we decided we might as well change up everything. Because we can’t afford anything super nice right now, we decided the IKEA route would be best, as eventually we do plan on replacing things with items that are higher quality and will last longer.

So, let’s start with the before shots (notice everything is extra messy and disorganized so it’ll look twice as awesome when the new stuff is in).

Ah the bedroom… the bed (and mattress) have seen better days and considering Josh got it used… I have no idea how old it is and don’t even want to think about the amount of allergens and who knows what this thing is holding.

We will be upgrading to a King Size bed as the Wonton is outgrowing his bassinet and our bed is getting small for the three of us plus two cats.

The dressers are mismatched and have seen better days.

Then there are our nightstands. Cheap. Cheap. Cheap. Plastic bins are great and all, but not really in the bedroom… granted we used these when we were in a room that had no space for nightstands, but that’s really no excuse now.

¬†Now for the office… everything mismatched, and neither of our desks really functional for what we want/need.¬† We each have two computers… we discovered our new computers won’t run some of the software on our old computers and right now it just makes sense to keep the old computers. Granted, I don’t use mine that often, but until we need a new scanner/printer¬† (my new computer doesn’t utilize the scanning feature very well – something to do with a 32bit/64bit difference, which annoys me to no end) I have to use my old computer to scan in photos so the quality is awesome and it separates them all out. Once again, I digress.

Another thing we want to do is move our giant elliptical into the office, so that means moving some furniture around, getting rid of a few things, and probably a miracle.


So there you have it!  Tune in, in a few days for the After shots!

New Name

Nothing fancy, but I decided a new name would be good for the ‘ole blog. While I was pregnant we referred to Enzo as Wonton since we didn’t want to tell anyone his name (plus for the first few months we didn’t know that he was actually a “he”) and rather than using the usual “peanut” or other terms, we decided to go with one of our favorite foods. What is more magical than a cream cheese wonton? Nothing.

Sick babies and changing identities

Our poor Mr. Enzo has not been feeling like himself as of late.¬† He caught¬† a nasty flu bug (I’ll spare you the details, but we were changing clothes and sheets several times a day it seemed from liquids leaving both ends).¬† Just as we thought he was getting over the nasty tummy bug, he caught another cold, so we’re still not quite past the morning vomiting (from coughing irritating his gag reflex), but he seems to be relatively happy today.

We tried to keep things low-key this weekend, and cancelled some plans so we could give him our full attention and make sure he rested and attempt to give him enough fluids. He’s eating about 10 ounces less than usual, and has been losing about twice the amount of fluids as usual, so we’ve definitely been concerned about the little guy who continues to smile and tries to be his usual happy self.

As for other things… there seems to be a lot going on, and lots of changes, and I feel a need to change myself a bit. Having Enzo really made me think about things differently and has made me wonder what I’m doing with myself, and what my goals are now.¬† It seems like they’ve gone from certain to very up in the air, and I find myself not really sure of who I am anymore. It’s not good or bad, it just is. I’m a mom now, and while knew it would be a new title for me, I didn’t realize how much it would start to define and change me, and that I’m okay with that. However, I’m not really sure where that leaves me…¬†and feel like¬†I need some new¬†goals and purpose¬†(Enzo has given me great purpose, but I can’t¬†my entire purpose in life¬†revolve around him… otherwise¬†I’m going to¬†feel lost when he¬†no longer needs me¬†to the same extent).

So for starters, I think I need a new blog title. I know, it isn’t really a big earthshattering change, but it’s a start. Then, I need to figure out what to do with myself so I don’t wander around the house aimlessly whenever Enzo is asleep.¬† I have hobbies, but haven’t been doing anything with them lately and I feel like I need to DO something, whereas normally I would welcome any down time to read or catch up on shows.

So, there you go.