16 Months

Mr. Enzo is officially 16 months old (as of yesterday).  Next week he’ll be in the toddler room full-time and none too soon.  It’s crazy watching this boy grow and seeing his personality grow and change. It’s an exciting time, for sure.


This little boy keeps us on toes for sure, and is constantly trying to climb something or push his boundaries in other ways.  He’s turning into quite the daredevil, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but also means we have to be a lot more careful about where we leave things and how long we’re gone from a room. 😉


He’s also big on copying what we do, which is fun as well, but can also sometimes be difficult.  He’s a great helper when it comes to emptying the dishwasher, but then you have to watch him when you’re actually putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher because he wants to take them all out. :p


As far as communication goes, it gets better and better every day.  We actually have to watch certain words and make sure we use them at the right time since he knows exactly what “Bath time” means.  We’re also working on getting him to understand and tell us when he needs a diaper change, but that’s still hit or miss.  He’s also working on the difference between “Hi” and “Bye” and if he’s in the mood will say them over and over. I may be biased, but it’s the cutest thing ever when he waves and says, “Bye” in that little baby voice of his.


We still have your typical tantrums that come along with the territory, and he’s going through a stage with food lately where he suddenly won’t eat certain foods leaving me with few options, so I have to remind myself that it’s just a stage.  I’d say the intensity of his tantrums are already getting better, or at least easier to manage, so that’s a big plus.  But who could believe this face would ever be capable of a massive meltdown? 😉


Week 27

While I’m sleeping pretty well now (especially since I bought a body pillow), I could definitely do without the weird pregnancy dreams.  Thankfully not too many of them have been nightmares so far, but I know towards the end with Enzo, they’d get more and more vivid and sometimes I’d wake up in a cold sweat, heart pounding and completely freaked out.  Lately they’ve just been random and often odd.

 Week 27

I’ve also started to notice more Braxton Hicks contractions as well.  With Enzo I didn’t know what they felt like or if I was having them, but now I’m definitely sure that’s what I’ve been experiencing.  Nothing else is new on the baby front. We’re slowly trying to accumulate everything we’ll need for Baby Girl, but haven’t put together any furniture yet since we’re waiting until her room is painted.  I’m also ready for Fall and Winter clothing so we can start actually buying her outfits.  Plus, with this heat… yeah, a little Fall weather would be okay with me. 😉

Raffia Cream, Surfer and Indian Paintbrush

I wonder who gets to come up with paint color names… it seems like such an easy gig, but in reality, I don’t think I could be nearly that creative.

So, the before pictures are really just to show the old colors… which is why you see corners and not big room pictures of the present disarray our house is in. 😉




And now, here is the awesome.  We still have to finish getting furniture in place, but aren’t the colors pretty (not that the camera and evening lighting really do it justice).

PaintAfter1  PaintAfter2

PaintAfter3 PaintAfter5



Week 26

Well, aside from one active little mover and shaker, not much else is new as far as Baby Girl goes. We are, however, getting closer to starting on her room. Today we had painters come and paint our entryway/living room/dining room/kitchen and we’ll have them come back and do the bedrooms and bathrooms.  While we could probably do the bedrooms and bathrooms ourselves… we decided to spend the extra money to save on time and sanity otherwise we’d have to paint when Enzo is asleep and we’d be lucky if we got one room done a weekend – if that, with the way things tend to work.  Plus, this way we spend fewer days amongst paint fumes and it’ll take painters 1 day rather than the several weeks it would take us.

 Week 26

I’m really excited to make the house look more like ours and even more excited to get the kids’ rooms all decorated.  Eventually we’ll probably repaint the office downstairs and the guest/game room, but for now we’ll leave them as is.   I’ll post the before and after shots later… hopefully I can get the books back on shelves for the after shots, but it’s really more about the color of the walls than the décor, right? 😉

Flashback Friday

I should probably save this for a later FF post, but the fact that we’re about 3 months away from meeting Baby Girl, made me nostalgic and I found myself looking through some of our first Enzo pictures.  He had such fantastic chipmunk cheeks!


I remember thinking I’d be nervous about taking Enzo home from the hospital, but come Day 3, I was so ready to just be home with our baby.  I’m so grateful he was as healthy as he was considering the other babies in special care with him were soooo tiny and fragile and very premature – like several months premature.


When we walked in the door, the cats were there to greet us, took a few sniffs at the car seat carrier and promptly made themselves scarce.  At first it did seem strange to walk in the door and it just be the three of us with no nurses or midwives around – would we do everything right?


Turns out there is no “right” and despite not being perfect, I think we’re doing okay as parents.  Can’t wait for Baby Girl to complete the family.