Ack! So Excited!!!

I remember being younger and leaving to go on vacation – the butterflies in my stomach would be going crazy and my skin tingled with excitement and I’d lay in bed tossing and turning – my mind going around and around and my heart racing and feeling giddy and wanting to run around and yell and throw my hands in the air.
I have that feeling now.
I wish we had left this morning and not made ourselves wait so much longer. :p
I’m also ecstatic that I can go pick up my glasses in ten minutes and fingers crossed I can take them home this time!
Au revoir!


One last blog entry before we leave on our trip tomorrow night! I’m so excited! I’ve been so busy and I’ll probably be running around the rest of the night and tomorrow morning doing last minute things. The plan is to take a nap before we leave tomorrow night, but I think there’s a good chance that I’ll be too excited and just squirm around a lot. :p
We’ve had some new visitors to the bird feeders the past couple of days as you can see by the pictures we managed to get through the window. Uzi was making odd noises watching what I assumed would be a squirrel Monday evening, and then we peeked out the window and right below it were a pair of ducks! We startled them I think and they quickly waddled away, so we got a shot of their retreat, but yesterday while I was at work, they returned and Josh got the other photos. This morning I also saw a pair of pheasants next to the road, which was neat, and our bunny friends are, of course, daily visitors.
Off to pack now! I have a feeling my work day tomorrow is going to drag ridiculously and I’ll be tapping my feet and squirming and antsy, so who knows – perhaps I’ll post again before I leave. :p


It’s amazing what you can randomly learn about people. For instance, this morning I learned something about a coworker that was utterly romantical. As often happens, I get asked when I’m going to get married – Josh and I have been dating almost two years – I tell them it’ll happen eventually. Anyway, a male coworker happened to come into the breakroom and mentioned that he didn’t propose until he and his wife had been dating for six years, but that’s because (and here’s the gushy part) they had started dating when she was only 14. They were each other’s first love and then he pulled out the very worn photo of their prom picture from 1988 that he keeps in his wallet. How sweet is that? It’s the little things that bring me joy and hearing stories like this is one of those.

Being Green

Happy Earth Day!
I try to do what I can when it comes to taking care of the earth, but I have a long way to go. Ultimately I think it would be great to get a Green home (aside from helping the environment you’d save on utility bills), but in the meantime I try to do little things like using Compact Fluorescent bulbs, recycling, using Green cleaning products, trying to conserve water – need to buy some new water efficient fixtures, like a showerhead and screw-in aerators that I found for $5, using reusable bags for shopping (when I remember them – I hang them on the doorknob, you’d think I would notice that and grab them before I leave!) :p In honor of Earth Day, though, I thought I’d look for some good Green Sites and articles to help in the process.

Find out how your make-up rates:
Skin Deep

Buy Green – A wide variety of items – Clothing, Office Supplies

The Daily Green – Offers Tips and Advice on how to be more green

Celery Street – Fantastic site with affordable prices!