Gown Alteration Appointment – Check
Invitation Paper Samples Ordered – Check
Order Official Document for Officiant – Check

You know, the only thing on my mind lately has been weddings. I even dream about weddings – some very bizarre dreams at that. In one dream I was insisting on wearing a poodle skirt (sans poodle at the very least) with matching shoes and my mom would not hear of it and we were arguing over this horrible wedding ensemble, which I would never wear anyway, but it was the principle of the matter, darn it! It’s my wedding and I’m doing what I want and if that means wearing a poodle skirt rather than a dress, so be it. :p
I did, however, only now think about one very important thing. I might die of heat in my dress. I wasn’t exactly thinking outside wedding when I was choosing my dress and I have no idea if our venue is air-conditioned or not. One can only hope, otherwise we’re going to need to bring fans, I think. I’ll only get to dress up like this once, though, so I want to do it up and hopefully with enough clinical strength antipersperent and expensive makeup – I’ll hold up. 😉

Hooray, the next set of Penguin Classics is out including Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland!  I’m considering purchasing them as a wedding expense and using them as part of the decor… our theme is pretty random as it is. :p

Wedding Fail #1

Well, my first wedding fail is done and over with, so lets hope there aren’t too many more. Apparently I’m more scatter-brained than I realized and did a pretty big boo-boo as a result. I was looking over the flight itenerary I booked for our photographer and realized I had booked his flight for the wrong month!! I booked his flight for June rather than July. None of us caught it either. I looked at the thing several times before confirming and apparently I had Daniel & Crystal’s wedding dates in mind rather than my own, so I just didn’t catch it and nothing looked wrong. So… I now have to call and get it fixed, and the flights available are crap, more expensive, and it’ll cost us $150 just to change the tickets. Sigh. I really hope I can manage to not make any more costly mistakes in the next few months.


It was one of those mornings where I was kind of rushing around… flustered somewhat after it took me another 10 mintues to try and put my eyes in my head. I’m amazed I haven’t torn or lost them yet, to be honest. Yesterday morning I was attempting to put a contact in when I dropped it and the thing fell on Uzi’s back, which actually probably saved the thing and made it super easy to find. Thankfully he stood still and I managed to grab it.

Anyway, I was rushing around this morning and hastily making myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (yes, I’m 6) and Josh was by the sink and he looked over at me and smiled and kind of chuckled, so I asked him, “What?” and he said he had a “Heather moment.” Hmm? He said watching me make my sandwich made him imagine us in the future when we have kids. I’ll most likely be rushing around still, only with a row of bread lined up. :p It sent me off to work with a smile. I often have those moments where I’ll be watching him and imagine our future family (hence the “Heather moment”). Ah, bliss.

On another note – hooray wedding dress! It is here, and currently hiding in our closet in a garbage bag. :p Yeah, yeah, I forgot to buy a garment bag, so one is on the way. Ha ha.