Friday Funday!

We have a low-key weekend ahead of us, which is always kind of nice. Perhaps I’ll get to some organizing since the kids are always outgrowing clothes and I need to put away the smaller sizes for our garage sale next year.  I’m actually excited about having a garage sale… I love the getting ready part of organizing and setting up.  Weird, I’m sure.


This rant on baby advice is so true.

A little quiz on what international city you should live in.

I’m apparently a Rio gal: You’re the girl (or guy) from Ipanema! The colors and flavors of Rio are vibrant and inspiring—just like your soul. You admire contemporary art and carefree, tropical fashion. You also love spontaneous nights spent dancing in the street and look forward to days bronzing on the beach.

Finding inner zen in 5 minutes. I should probably print this out and read it now.

And… Marriage on Instagram v. Marriage in Real Life. ;)  via Sometimes Sweet

Photo Dump

There isn’t a lot going on right now, and I’ve got a bunch of random photos that never made it into posts either because other pictures were used instead or they never worked anywhere (which would explain why they look familiar), so now seems as good of a time as any to put them somewhere.  If you only knew just how many photos were on my computer… soooo many.  When you’ve got two kids constantly moving the best thing is to just keep snapping and just hope for a decent shot or two.


Still obsessed with cars and trucks.


I wonder if we’ll have a musician on our hands… she LOVES all things musical.


Ack, that grin.


So glad her eczema cleared up with age!


Hey, look!  Food!  Remember when I used to take pictures of what we were eating?  Ah, the days before kids… now I barely have time to compose any shots at all… good or bad.



Still working on getting this kid to try new things… we’ll get there.


Will her eyes stay blue like Enzo’s?  Hard to say.



Are you having more?

There are days when the kids are just so cute/hilarious/awesome that I try to convince Josh that we should have at least a dozen more.  Okay, that would be ridiculous, but how can we just stop at two when we make such cute babies?  It would be a tragedy to stop now!


Girl hormones will tell you crazy things and make you completely forget all of the sleepless nights, the pain of childbirth, the fact that your body is totally different then pre-children.  Admittedly we did go back and forth over having a third for a while… but ultimately have decided that two is a good number for a variety of reasons.


Let’s be honest, kids are expensive and having three kids in day care made us both cringe, and I don’t know that I’m the type to be a stay-at-home mom. Plus, we wouldn’t wait until Enzo was old enough to leave day care/pre-school because that would mean we’d be that much older and that would be a fairly big gap (to us) between Phoebe and a potential third baby.


We also thought about travel and the fact that right now while our cars don’t have a lot of space, at least we aren’t being forced to buy a bigger vehicle.  One day we will because we have lots of plans to go on road trips, and it would be nice to have extra seating, but for now I really like my car and would like to keep it for a while longer.


Ultimately, we looked at our ages, and while we aren’t old by any means, Josh will be 50 and I’ll be almost there when Enzo graduates from high school. We have plans to have a life once the kids graduate and go out on their own, and we want to still feel fairly young when that time comes.


Sure there are days when a little part of me taps on my shoulder and tries to convince me that we shouldn’t stop, that I’m not ready to stop, but this was always our dream… since before we were married. We talked about having a boy and then a girl, and that’s exactly how it worked out, so I’d say our family is complete. As Phoebe gets older and more independent, I treasure these lingering days where I still get to feed her a bottle and snuggle her before bed, but definitely get excited as she gets closer to being done with bottles entirely.


While I wanted to keep them babies for as long as possible, now I love watching these new toddler milestones happen as Enzo gets older. He has such a great imagination already and he also knows exactly how to break me – I can only resist the dimples and whispered “Please” so many times before I cave.  Yep, I’m ready to be the mama of a toddler and a preschooler – I’ll leave the babies to someone else.

Friday Funday!

Today is my favorite kind of fall day.  Driving to work it was overcast and the clouds had hints of not only grey, but bits of blue and gold.  That combined with falling leaves and muted Fall colors made the morning seem very dramatic. Perfect for curling up with a thrilling book… preferably in front of a window with a lakeside view – might as well go big since I’m imagining this entire scenario.

Rather than links, how about an awesome picture of Phoebe that wins?

Happy Friday!




I’ve seen other bloggers do a variation of what they are currently up to, so I thought I’d do the same thing since often it doesn’t fit anywhere else.



Slowly reading ‘Middlesex’ because it’s one of those books that I’ve been meaning to read for a while, but for some reason is not really grabbing my attention, so I may switch to something else.  I’ve actually been thinking of reading some old favorites like ‘The Hobbit’ and then maybe revisiting ‘The Dresden Files,’ which I had done before, but got sidetracked so never made it through all of them again.  Yeesh, my brain can’t focus on anything can it?


As far as television series go, we’re still watching ‘Fringe’ as well as a handful of other shows now that it’s fall.  We watched the first two episodes of ‘Gotham’ and are going to watch one more before we decide whether to continue or not.  We haven’t been super impressed with it so far… a lot of overacting (especially by Jada Pinkett Smith) and way too many characters were introduced in the first episode, and just… meh.  I’m watching ‘Parenthood’ and also have started watching my way through ‘Gilmore Girls’ since it’s finally on Netflix!  I used to watch it with my mom and now it feels super weird that I am currently the age that Lorelai (Lauren Graham) was in the beginning, which is really bizarre.  So now I’m watching it from an entirely different perspective…

We haven’t watched a lot of movies lately, but there have been a few. We watched ‘Pacific Rim’ and while the story wasn’t amazing and there was some definite cheesiness, the special effects were fantastic and worth watching. Then we watched a movie called ‘Clear History,’ which had some fairly funny moments and a surprising cast, but I probably wouldn’t buy it or anything.  It was an okay Friday night movie, though.


While I don’t like the fancy pumpkin drinks from coffee shops, we have enjoyed some Pumpkin beer, Pumpkin cider and pumpkin butter, which was really good on French toast when I made it.  I love me some pumpkin butter.


Fall.  It isn’t too cold yet, but I kind of like that crisp feeling in the air.  I like the colors, the falling leaves, the pumpkins and cider.  Maybe I should be spending more time in sweaters and slippers sipping apple cider and reading books while watching seasonally appropriate movies.  I also want to take the kids to at least one orchard before time runs out to do so!  Apple cider donuts are calling my name and you can’t beat a good hay ride, ride?

Thinking About

A lot.  At the moment I’m thinking about traveling with kids, but I’ve got a lot of other things on my mind as well… some of which I don’t really feel like sharing.  My brain has been a very busy place lately, though, and there is a lot I’m trying to figure out.