Time for sun!

The weekend was cold and blustery, but we did venture out on Saturday for a bad movie day with friends, and then again on Sunday for some shopping. First, however, Josh decided to suprise me with breakfast again!

I admit, I was clueless at first when I started seeing some of the ingredients, but then when he pulled out the deep fryer – I knew. Monte Cristos! Josh decided instead of normal lunch Monte Cristos, to turn them into real breakfast sandwiches, so they were done with eggs, ham, and cheese. Most impressive of all was how he managed to run all of the stations he had set up at one time. 😉


I just tried to stay out of the way, flip bacon as needed and play with Ziggy. Who knew that plastic eggs could offer a cat hours of enjoyment?

Oh yeah, and because Josh wasn’t sure the sandwiches were enough, I threw together what we had in the cupboards and made a pear cobbler sort of thing that I baked in the oven. Nothing too impressive, but I can see how good it could be with fresh pears and perhaps a few other additions.

After stuffing ourselves completely, we headed out towards Target, and then made a quick detour. Twice a month or more, we drive past an antique store and finally decided to stop there as well as another antique store. I am now lusting after several vintage purses and a variety of other random items. We didn’t leave empty-handed, though! We found a Strawberry Shortcake glass to add to our collection of 80s cartoon glasses as well as this cute set of encylopedias from 1952 for Mothers and a 1930s Psychology book as well as a 1937 copy of Gone with the Wind.


Things that made me happy this weekend

*Taking a much needed break from schoolwork to have an indoor picnic with Josh and play Bananagrams,


finally test out the new surround sound. What better way then James Bond?

We also got to use the cedar planks that Josh got as a gift on the grill with some yummy salmon. We used a maple glaze, which was excellent. I have cookbooks, I just haven’t had as much time as I’d like to use them.


*Josh made Uzi’s day by letting him get some fresh air outside.

*Josh cooking me a suprise for breakfast.


*Waiting patiently for breakfast with Ziggy.

*Josh added a few shelves to the pantry, and I reorganized. I now want to organize everything and get started on Spring cleaning, partially because who knows what we’ll find throughout the house… like these potatoes we forgot we had in the pantry. Left alone much longer they might have fulfilled their evil plans of taking over the world.


There’s always something…

So close to having the new speakers and everything hooked up only to get to the last speaker and realize we don’t have enough wire, and we don’t have the right connector for the subwoofer into the receiver. Looks like we’ll be finishing up tomorrow since neither of us feel like driving half an hour to find a store that has what we need. Otherwise it’s schoolwork and all of those other little things that should be done.

We did our usual Sunday breakfast, and now I can’t believe the day is soon to be over. We’re going to watch “Appaloosa” tonight – I’ve been in the mood to watch westerns lately, so we figured we’d give it a try since we both generally like Viggo Mortensen and Ed Harris.

How about some yummy breakfast photos? :p

(I love our Hello Kitty Toaster!)

Sunday evening already…

We ended up going to the Science Museum yesterday to see the Tutankhamun exhibit, and it ended up being really interesting, though at first we were almost wondering if the artifacts on display were real on not. You wouldn’t have guessed that some of the statues and carvings were actually thousands of years old, and there they were.  We couldn’t take pictures, of course, and it’s a shame because there were a lot of interesting items on display, and massive stone statuary that were just incredible.

We went and checked out the rest of the museum as well, but there’s only so far we can walk when our tummies are rumbling and demanding food, so our stroll through the other exhibits was somewhat brief.


This morning we decided to make chocolate chip pancakes, and then get some organizing done – still lots to do, but our pile of Goodwill stuff has grown, and I plan on adding even more to it.

For now, though, I think it may be time to find some grub, grab the husband, and maybe see about watching a movie while it continues to snow outside, which is lame.

Winter Weekends

When it’s chilly and gloomy, I find it hard to be motivated to go out and do anything, so our weekends are generally not all that exciting. Saturday involved shopping, schoolwork, cleaning, and eating. Oh the eating. :p

First up: Blueberry pancakes and bacon. Is there anything better than fresh blueberries? I think not. I should pick up some more while they’re on sale.

Lunch: Homemade Guacamole – This turned out awesome, and I will never buy store bought again!

And then greasy, wonderful pizza for dinner, with beer in frosty mugs.

And then we finished the night up with Dead Rising 2 (or rather Josh did and I watched while squirming and directing him on how to play). 😉