Toddler Talk

It’s always fun to hear what’s on Enzo’s mind, and we’re constantly being surprised with new things, which is so much fun.


Most recently, things we’ve been hearing are:

“Raise you hand if you want tea.”  (Phoebe recently received a teapot and they’ve both been handing out tea and cakes a lot).

“What was that? Mommy, you hear that?” (Usually accompanied by a look of absolute surprise/concern).

“What’s going on in here?”

“Oh, no! Oh, no! The sky is falling!  The sky is falling! We hafta get outta here!”  He did this for 20 minutes in the car and if I zoned out for too long and didn’t respond with something supportive enough or he could tell I didn’t care anymore, I got:

“Mommy, you talk to me.”


Can’t forget our newest toddler either!  Seriously, a toddler, and she’s going to be just as talkative as her brother.  She tries to copy everything you say and while we may be the only ones who can make out what she’s saying, she has definitely added to her vocabulary.


She can say things like “All done,” “Hi,” “Nose,” “Mouth” (while pointing to them), “Tree,” “Ball,” and I think there are one or two others.  She’s so close to saying them really clearly.  Oh yeah!  She really likes to clap and say, “Yay!”


I remember how awesome and yet strange it was when Enzo started saying recognizable words and then talking more and more. I can’t wait to hear what Phoebe’s little voice is going to sound like, and I can’t wait until they’re having conversations with each other.

Toddler Talk

It’s hard to keep track of all the crazy things Enzo comes up with at times.  His imagination is highly amusing right now, as are most of the things that come out of his mouth (even when they aren’t supposed to be humorous).


Lately bedtime has been… interesting. He used to go to bed and stay there, but not so much anymore. We now keep a gate at his door and most nights go like this:

Door opens and Enzo discovers the gate and starts whining.

E: No, gaaaaattteee.

Us: Sorry, Buddy, it’s time for bed.

E: My tummy hurts. (Said while smiling).

Us: Well, I’m sure it’ll feel better if you lie down.

E: But my finger hurts.

Us: Do you think it’ll be okay?

E: Yeah.

Us: Can you climb into bed now?

E: I need high-five first.

High five!

Us: Good night, Buddy! Love you!

E: Uv you too.

The other night I heard the gate open at his door and didn’t even give him time to peek his head out before I gave him the warning (saying his name).  Instead of saying anything, he held his arm out, I gave him a high five, saw a peek of a smile and he closed the door while quietly saying good-night.  Ha ha.


Those dimples get me every single time.  Seriously, though, I love how much more he can verbally communicate now.  Sure, he doesn’t always have nice things to say, but at least we’re getting to a stage where we can better understand each other, and that really makes all the difference.  How about some Cat, Dinosaur, Whale?

20141020 173028-0 from Heather Shoberg on Vimeo.

Toddler & Baby Talk and Other Kiddo Stuff

While Phoebe may not be saying much, she is very good at babbling and saying, “Uh oh.” She is getting closer to using Mama and Dada correctly… I think.  Sometimes I think she’s getting it, only for her to turn towards some inanimate object and say “Mama” at it, so maybe not.


Have I mentioned what a great sleeper this little girl is?  Well, for the most part… also she’s an odd sleeper, which is more notable.  Enzo never fell asleep in weird places or in weird positions, but Phoebe has her quirks.  Her favorite position?  She likes to sit up and then literally just fall forward and stay where she lays.  I don’t know how it’s comfortable, but I know that when I’ve tried to move her she fusses or will just get back in that position again. So… that.


As for Enzo… this boy cracks me up and also makes me realize I need to pay more attention to what I say and how I say it. 😉  Most notably, his imagination is getting bigger and bigger and I love it.  In the car he got very dramatic and pointed to the sky, crying out, “Oh no!  The sky! The sky is in the car!  It got my head!”

He has also started telling us to have a good day (which is nice), and then he’ll often pretend to go on a trip with his rolling bag and wave good-bye telling us, “See you Monday!”

He does, however, get a little sassy at times and last night said, “Mommy!  Get my milk, right now!” Hmmm… yeah, okay, so that might be my fault for earlier telling him to get in the car “right now” after major dawdling and a very long day.  Sigh.


I also love that so many of his new words and phrases have to do with Phoebe.

“Where’s Phoebe?”

“Mommy go check on Phoebe?”

“Phoebe!  No go down the stairs!”  (He’s been very helpful when Josh is not at home since we have two steps that we can’t exactly baby gate).

There are, however, a lot of these: “No, Phoebe!  No touch my (insert toy/food/whatever here).”

Either way, it’s fun and I like seeing them together. Phoebe has been a good influence on Enzo as he is now way more willing ot take baths and let us wash his hair – as long as she goes first, and Phoebe just loves looking up to her big brother. She follows him around like a puppy… literally. He says, “Come’ere, Phoebe!” and she happily crawls after him.  They also have fun little games where they chase each other and yell at each other, which is not my favorite, but makes them both laugh like mad.

Oh the wonderful madness.

Toddler Talk

I’ve said it before, but two really is turning into such a fun age, especially in terms of language skills. Right now Enzo is also a really good reflection of who he is around and apparently I say “Okay” a lot.  Whoops.  So, now he also has taken to saying, “Okay,” but he does it in this great sing-songy way.


“Okay, Mommy, I will do this!”  or “Watch Epic now, okay?”

I love hearing about Enzo’s day on the car ride home, and now when I ask him if he had a good day, he’ll tell me at least one thing that he did (which usually revolves around something they did outside). “I play with Bentley on the motorcycle” is a popular one, but he also really likes his teachers and often asks to play with Miss Tammy or Miss Carlee or Miss Amanda.


Enzo has also decided that he makes an excellent backseat driver. “Go this way, Mommy!” or “Mommy, go around dump truck!”  I haven’t quite figured out how to explain what a no passing zone is to him yet.  He’s also really great at repeating the Garmin, so if you’re worried about whether or not you heard that street name right – fear not!  Enzo heard it and will gladly remind you where you are supposed to turn. 😉


On the plus side, our toddler is very polite and usually remembers to say “please” and “thank you” and this morning as he was leaving the house?  “Have a good day, Mommy!”  Ha ha.

Toddler Talk

Two continues to be such a fun age when it comes to communication… unless you count the many frustrations that also come along with wanting to communicate and not knowing how. It’s amazing how much Enzo’s vocabulary grows, though, and his sentence structure is getting better and better.  Lately some of our favorite words and phrases have been:

“Josh, go get it!” This is funnier to me than it is to Josh, but I think it’s hilarious when Enzo calls Josh by name or when he calls him “Honey.”  I don’t think he uses my name because it’s much harder to say.

“Ferdinand!” Or “Enzo’s Ferdinand,” which is referring to Enzo’s very large oversized stuffed bear. I have this weird habit of naming almost all the stuffed animals that come into the house, so we’ve always called the bear Ferdinand.  Enzo’s newest game is making Ferdinand fall over onto Enzo and then Enzo will say, “Ferdinand sleeping?  Wake up, Ferdinand!”

“Favorite (Fill in the blank).”  Enzo has a lot of favorites lately, but the most important ones are Enzo’s favorite nuk, and his favorite lovey.


For a long time now Enzo has been known to switch all of his toys to the Spanish or French mode when available.  We don’t know why, but he’s getting pretty good with pronunciation and knowing colors.  Most of his toys have a Spanish option so we often hear him reciting “Verde, Amarillo, Rojo”, but since I took French in high school I sometimes throw some French into Enzo’s vocabulary for fun. Usually he’s game and will repeat, “Bonjour, Papa!” or maybe we’ll throw in some Italian and it’ll be “Ciao!”  However, there are other days where the only response I get is a big sigh and “No Hola!” as was the case the other day.

While the constant repetition sometimes requires a lot of patience, it’s also very cool to watch his language skills grow. He’s getting better about using referring to himself in the third person less and less and his sentences are getting longer and making more sense.  It really is amazing just how much a child learns in the first few years.