2013 in Review

For the most part 2013 was fairly laid back, the biggest occurrences probably being buying a house and welcoming Phoebe into our family.  It’s always fun to take a quick look back and see what was happening, though… if anything at all. 😉

January started out rough with Josh still recovering from hernia surgery and both Enzo and myself coming down with one thing after another.  Definitely not my favorite way to start the year.


In February, Enzo and I traveled to Colorado Springs to stay with my sister, brother-in-law and their two kiddos and my mom also flew out and my brother and sister-in-law drove to be there as well. It was the first time Enzo and I had flown without Josh, and was… interesting.  Enzo was a bit cranky and my nerves were completely frazzled.


March was uneventful aside from some snow, and oh yeah, finding out we were having a baby!


April was spent doing a lot of worrying about our housing situation. We put our townhouse on the market and were worried about finding a buyer at the price we needed, and then once we sold, it was a rush to find a house to move into, however, we managed to find the perfect place and then celebrated our little boy turning 1!



May was a big month because we officially moved into our new house – hooray!


In June we mostly stayed around home, but did go see Bill Cosby and took Enzo around the block on his new tricycle. Come Spring, he’ll actually be able to reach the pedals… good grief, this boy is growing up.  Oh yeah, and he got his very first haircut.


First Haircut

July was a pretty eventful month for us because not only did we find out that we were having a girl, but we also took Enzo camping for the first time (where we were eaten alive by mosquitoes). We also celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary, took Enzo to his first aquarium and made use of our zoo membership.




August was a bit more low-key, but we did continue to try and get out. We took Enzo swimming and to the zoo, and then we started the process of getting our upstairs painted on one of the hottest days of the year so far – go figure.




In September we took Enzo to the State Fair for the first time because I had a photo that was accepted, and I was reminded just how much I hate crowds. We also went to an apple orchard and Enzo helped Josh put together a couch for the sitting… er play room. I also turned 31 and we had family photos taken, which I just realized I’ve never even posted on the blog – just Facebook.  Ha ha.




October was very slow. We did more work on Baby Girl’s room, but aside from a trip to a pumpkin patch, we didn’t do much. Enzo did enjoy Halloween and the trick-or-treaters, however, and was very excited whenever anyone came to the door.



November was definitely our biggest month of the year.  Enzo started us off right by getting tubes put in his ears and then on 11/12/13 Miss Phoebe decided to join the family!



And now here we are in December.  My maternity leave is over and time has never passed more quickly.  I don’t know what this new year will bring, but I have a feeling it’s going to be over in a blink.


Another great purchase…

Enzo is an awesome baby, but when he’s so little it can be hard to put him just anywhere and considering he spends so much time in the car in his car seat, it’s no wonder he doesn’t want to be in it when we aren’t in the car. Plus he’s kind of small for his stroller still and with his delicate skin, I want to make sure he’s protected from the sun and bugs. We finally got to use the little tent we bought him this weekend and it was awesome. It’s perfect for long days outside because he can kick around on his back then take a much more comfortable nap than he would in a stroller or one someone’s lap.

I think the only downside was that he still got kind of hot (his back was all sweaty) so we may just need to strip him down – it is summer after all.

He did really well at the family BBQ this weekend, though, not that I’m surprised… he’s an awesome baby. 😉  The only time he got fussy was towards the end of the day when he just got a little too hot and tired. I think he passed out as soon as I put him in his car seat, ha ha.  He’s a good little man, though, and is going to make having a second and/or third child much easier. Even if his brother/sister isn’t as easy going as he is… I know I won’t  have to worry about this little man.

Dear Car…

Dear New Car,

I love so many things about you…

Your ergonomical seating that I can adjust at the touch of a button.

The cupholders – all 8 of them. Who knew a car could have so many? My first car didn’t even have 1 cup holder. Apparently in 1987 people who drove BMWs didn’t drink in their cars?

Having 4 doors again, so long-legged passengers don’t have to maneuver their way into the back seat anymore.

Buttons on the steering wheel – who knew that not having to reach over to the dash to turn up the volume or change songs would be so handy.

Bluetooth – once again, who knew that being able to push a button to talk on the phone would be so fun? Granted, there have been misunderstandings, but I think myself and the inanimate voice understand each other now.

A bunch of compartments, and even more buttons to push. Did I mention my last car had nothing automatic at all?  No more wrenching my arm off trying to roll down the passenger side window.

We are very excited to take you on our upcoming road trip!

*No this wasn’t sponsored by Hyundai* :p