Fireworks and Currently

Another nice thing about our deck, is that we’re close enough to watch the city’s fireworks every year… not super close (had to zoom in a bit), but close enough. 😉  They aren’t perfect and most are a tad blurry, but I like how so many of them look like flowers… so….




Still reading ‘Life After Life’ by Kate Atkinson, but I’ve also added a few other books as well.  Don’t ask me why since I rarely have any time to read.  I’m happy to say that ‘Life After Life’ has gotten more interesting as I’ve gotten further into it.  The concept is unique and it’s also a bit thought-provoking as you watch and wait to see what the main character (Ursula) will change as she is reborn again and again.


I’m just about finished listening to ‘Outliers’, so I don’t know that it really counts as reading. I tend to think not, but it’s nice to have something to listen to in the car.  So far it’s been really fascinating and dives into what is behind the success of some of the most successful people in the United States (past and present).  One of the biggest things really just seems to be circumstance. Sure, hard work helps, but if the right circumstances don’t present themselves… too bad?  As much as I wanted to say how ridiculous that was and deny that some people just don’t stand a chance despite their brilliance or otherwise… the more I thought about it, it actually makes sense.  So, take advantage of any opportunities that come your way!


As far as television series go – nothing new here. I’ll keep you posted if we decide to try anything new.  We’ve watched a few movies, though, including ‘The Lego Movie.’  I think going into this I had pretty high expectations because of all the hype, so maybe that wasn’t fair. I’m going to say it, though… I wasn’t all that impressed. Sure, it had some clever moments and the incredible randomness made sense in the end, but I still really felt kind of “meh” overall.  I also finally watched ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel,’ which I very much enjoyed. A wonderful cast as can always be expected of a Wes Anderson film, and I was not let down.


Working on cutting back on sugar, salt, breads, etc. I started a program recently designed specifically for moms since it really focuses on your core and regaining that strength by offering exercises that won’t make DR (diastasis rectis) or in my case, my umbilical hernia worse than it is already.  I’ll do a blog post on that later. In the meantime, though, I’ve had a few major cheats, but I’m getting better about paying attention to what I’m eating and really making an effort to add in more good-for-me foods.  I’m not stressing about the slip-ups, though.  Some days I may still have 2 cups of coffee and I might just eat that donut.  😉  I’m fully aware that it’s up to me if I want to change the way I look, and maybe over the next week or so I’ll make more of an effort.


Being a mom. I’ll fully admit that some days I can’t wait until everyone is asleep because we’re all cranky and tired or whatever, but most days are fun. Enzo has reached that toddler point where he’s always coming up with something new and can be really imaginative, and I LOVE it!  There are also times where his tantrums are over something so ridiculous that it’s really hard not to laugh and we have to quickly turn around and take a deep breath and not let him see.  Phoebe is also a lot of fun, but has reached that point where she doesn’t want her nose wiped or her face and hands, and there’s a lot of that some days.  Every day they give me some reason to smile, though, and what more can you ask for than that?

Thinking About

My upcoming hernia surgery – woot!?  It’s really not a big deal. Fast recovery, but Enzo will not be happy that I can’t pick him up very often and not at all in the beginning.  Otherwise, I’m also thinking about family coming to visit, and it was the perfect push to get us to rearrange a little downstairs.  Josh and I decided to split up our offices, so mine is now combined with the guest bedroom/Josh’s games.  We thought about trying to combine Josh with the guest room and his games, but since he often works from home, it isn’t a good arrangement for his office to share the guest room. I’m just glad we’re finally getting things really organized. Those two rooms have been the scary zone of the house for about a year now.  That’s kind of sad.

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Photo Dump

I take a lot of photos… usually of the kids or other things with the intent that they’ll end up on the blog, but then time passes and they’re quickly out of date.  So, the photo dump.  Just be glad I’m not dumping all of the hundreds and hundreds of photos I take that just end up on my hard drive, hopefully to put into a photo book one day when I have time.


Playing one of Enzo’s favorite games.

Aww, the little squish

Aww, the little squish

Really trying to crawl... with much less hair than she has now.

Really trying to crawl… with much less hair than she has now.

Reading with Daddy.

Reading with Daddy.

Love the Uzi/Phoebe love.

Love the Uzi/Phoebe love.

Oh, hey, mom.

Oh, hey, mom.

Why is she not this little anymore??

Why is she not this little anymore??


Serious boy.

Just a little unsteady.

Just a little unsteady.

Duckies that are now too small.

Duckies that are now too small.

4 Years

Today marks 4 years of marriage for Josh and I.  We’ve been together a total of 7 years, and it’s amazing to think just how quickly that time has passed and how much has changed.  I also realized that I never actually posted many pictures from our wedding either… mostly just on Facebook for family and friends to see, but not much beyond that.  So, I’m going to post a bunch now simply because I loved our wedding. 🙂

shoberg (1)

We had our wedding reception in a barn, which I had always wanted.  Plus, the price was right and it was ours the entire day with lots of room outside for the ceremony and to just enjoy the day afterwards.

shoberg (6) shoberg (39)

We made pretty much everything ourselves.  It didn’t always save us money, but it definitely made everything more personal (the tables were each named after a random place we’d gone to).  We had so much help from family and friends the day of when it came time to set up and then take down – we couldn’t have done it alone, and I’m so grateful for all the help we received that day.

shoberg (14)

Yep, we had a candy bar… cliche, but so perfect and it was gone fast!

shoberg (43)

We had a mix of elements going on what with paper cranes and a variety of sari fabrics I’d collected for use in the middle.  I also love marigolds, so there were pots of those at each table.  We had chopsticks at each plate because we went with Chinese Buffet for the meal.  Needless to say, it was a big hit.

shoberg (64)

Getting ready time!  Not the most glamorous place to get ready, but having someone else do my makeup and hair wasn’t in the budget. Plus… I didn’t want to risk looking too different than what I look like normally.

shoberg (74)

And I didn’t even end up having to do my own hair, anyway. 😉

shoberg (113) shoberg (114)

First look kiss.

shoberg (118)

More color!  Kind of an ongoing theme.

shoberg (131)

shoberg (149)

shoberg (150) shoberg (153)

shoberg (154)

shoberg (240)

My brother got ordained online and married us, and was definitely the perfect way to go. Josh and I didn’t want a long ceremony (short and sweet is more our style), and we were able to make it our own. Daniel started things off Princess Bride style (“Mawage is wot bwings us togedder tooday”) and about 10 minutes later we were married.  Yeah, we didn’t realize it was going to be quite that short, but never actually did a practiced read-through.  Whoops!

shoberg (264) shoberg (267)

Husband and wife!

shoberg (296)

Oh yeah, Chinese food.

shoberg (300)

Yes, that is our cake.  So much fun!

shoberg (323)

Also, very tasty.  It was funfetti because we are 12.

shoberg (440)

While there was some dancing, neither of us really enjoy it, so we decided that we’d rent a projector and have Rock Band available to play.  Lots of fun, especially since Rock Band was much more popular 4 years ago. Does anyone play Rock Band anymore??

shoberg (433)

Further evidence as to how organized we were… we almost forgot to sign the marriage certificate entirely.  Thankfully Lyle (the fabulous man behind the camera) reminded us that we should probably do that.

shoberg (460)

And then the night was soon over, but not until we lit our lantern.  Full of many wishes and hopes for the future… many of which have most certainly come true.

shoberg (462)

Happy Anniversary, Babe.


Capturing the moment

We had family photos taken in May, so I thought I should actually share them this time considering the last time we had photos taken I completely forgot to share any of them at all. We went with Voss Photography both times and couldn’t have been more pleased. It was a really windy day, so I’m just glad they managed to get some great shots of the kids especially. We received a lot of good prints, but I just picked a few favorites to include here.


FamPhotos5 FamPhotos6 FamPhotos7

Love this look!  Ha ha. 


FamPhotos3 FamPhotos2

I could just squish her!



Photo… Dump? Deposit?

Photo dump just sounds so… blech, even though that’s kind of what this post is.  I take so many photos of the kids and random things and end up editing them and uploading them, but don’t always use them in posts.  So, I thought I’d just do a random mish mash post of things that happened and sort of fell through the cracks in the last few months.


I love making cookies, but when I do I never hear the end of it and Enzo won’t stop talking about them, and he’d sit down and go through the entire batch in one sitting if we let him.


It’s hard not to take about a million photos of this little girl… especially since her brother doesn’t like to sit still anymore and is more interested in what’s going on behind the camera than being in front of it.


She’s not quite as serious as she was a few months ago.  Now she seems to be constantly smiling moving – not that that’s a bad thing!


Sigh… soon she won’t be using the Bumbo.  She’s been doing so good with sitting up on her own. I still tend to stay really close, but even when she falls over she does it in such a graceful way… not like Enzo who would suddenly just tip and BAM.  I guess he got that from me.


Mmm… cake. I should make more of this.  However, the caramel sauce that day did NOT cooperate. Why do I have such trouble with caramel??


This guy can be so serious as well… his determination lives on, however now that he’s a 2 year old he makes it known when he gets frustrated.  Sometimes he’ll just stay silent for a minute and huff, but other times he yells – more like roars – and throws whatever has made him mad.


In this case, he happened to be mad at Elmo for some reason.  Or me… and he was taking it out on Elmo.  That happens sometimes. So far we haven’t had to deal with much grumpiness from Phoebe (though I’m sure that will come), so let’s just end this post with another ray of sunshine, shall we?