Finally Morning Glories!  I have been waiting ages for this plant to finally bloom while it’s been growing like crazy.  They’re just as lovely as I had hoped for. In the meantime… bugs of some kind have been destroying my tomatoes and I’m not sure what to do… I’ve tried homemade remedies, but apparently not the right kind, so I hope it’s not too late to try something else. It looks like a lady bug has arrived on it’s own to help with the aphid issue I’ve been having with the jalepenos, however. On a sidenote, apparently I left one of the peppers on the plant longer than I meant to. That thing was HOT!  I felt so bad after Josh bit into a small slice and discovered they were more fiery than he likes. I actually only managed a few slice myself and then it was just more painful than tasty.

We ended up having a really nice weekend overall… things have been on the stressful side, so we had a really fun spontaneous day yesterday. We had planned on going to the Pioneer Village in Hastings, but didn’t spend as much time there as we thought we would, so we stopped at a winery on a whim afterwards and did a full tasting and just relaxed and talked for an hour or two and then decided to go to Dave and Busters for dinner and games. As always, we spent more than we meant to, but walked away with yet another kitchen appliance (Quesadilla maker) and a disco ball lamp… we had to use the tickets on something, right? :p

A few of my favorite things…

Right now I am loving how  many more veggies are ready for harvesting… we have tomatoes turning red (finally), onions, jalepeños, and even some carrots!  I can’t wait until we have a yard where I can try other things as well.

Despite their small size, Josh said the carrot (or at least the one that was darker) tasted really good!  Hooray for growing food!

Josh is away for the day (hanging with the boys), so I spent a few hours cleaning, which felt really good, watched a couple of movies, and then spent some time outside with the cats doing a little reading, and finding the cutest little frog on my marigolds.  I almost didn’t even see him, but noticed something looked off, so I got closer, and there he was!

Now I think it’s time for a cup of tea and some more reading, I think. Tomorrow we’re going to see Captain America, and it should be a good way to end a pretty relaxing weekend. Maybe I’ll even get some sewing done as I have a pile of things to fix for Josh (buttons and things that are so easy to fix, but also so easy to put off). 😉

Our little piece of quiet

I’d say our back deck is finally complete – we have a table and chairs that is big enough for two and still leaves ample room for my experimental container garden, our grill, and sunning space for the cats.

Granted, it’s been so hot the past few days we haven’t really used it yet. Let’s hope for good weekend weather so we can actually break it in! I’m looking forward to drinking my morning coffee out there this weekend while watching the corn field.

Things I’ve learned about container gardening: I need bigger containers!  I am thrilled at the first sighting of peas, though, and our carrots are getting bigger by the day it seems, as well as the tomatoes and onions.

Now, I just have to wait patiently for the jalapenos and straweberries. We had one berry, but nothing since, though the strawberry plants are growing like crazy. We also discovered that if you let brocolli flower it’s really quite pretty, which was a nice surprise and lessened the blow that we missed harvesting time.

I also didn’t realize that spinach would flower… I thought it would be a bit more like lettuce, so for next year I’m going to do more research and actually learn a bit more about everything we’re growing. It’s been a lot of fun eating our own lettuce, though, and all of my flowers are really taking off, so I’d say our garden so far has been a success and next year it shall be even more glorious!

Return of the Road Warriors

Returning from vacation is always so bittersweet. It’s good to sleep in our own bed and the affection we’ve received from the cats shows we were greatly missed, plus our deck garden has greatly perked up while we were away! The peas are beginning to really take off (or are those actually morning glories… guess I forgot which, so it’ll be a surprise!), we have broccoli starting, the first little strawberry is forming, the tomato plant is blossoming, the pepper plants smell like jalepenos, and as you can see the the lettuce has gone nuts.


It’s still very hard to jump back into reality, though. Granted, at least it’s summertime so we have plenty of good weather to enjoy, but what now? We spent months and months planning this trip and it was so nice to have something to look forward to. It looks like we’ll just have to start planning another adventure, and we have a few in mind. Time will tell, and in the meantime, we have plenty of time left this summer to go on drives, camping, and whatever else we decide to pass the time.

In the meantime, we’ve started recapping our trip on our Random Trippers blog.


Hooray for warmer weather and gardening! I got as early of a start as I could in the garage, a weekend or two ago.  The wind was just too cold for me to sit in, and try to put plants and seeds in pots.

Once it started warming up, though, it was much easier to continue, and now we’ve got quite a little garden started with a ton of lettuce that I’ll need to thin out – those and the Morning Glories are the only seeds to have sprouted so far – We’re waiting on carrots and spinach and… something else. :p

Otherwise we have a tomato plant, some peppers, broccoli, strawberries, and some grass for the cats to munch on when they’re outside with us. I’m so excited for everything to start really growing, and only hope they make it through any upcoming storms.  We’re supposed to get a big one tomorrow night, so I’ll be moving them against the house under the overhang… hopefully that will be enough.