Time for sun!

The weekend was cold and blustery, but we did venture out on Saturday for a bad movie day with friends, and then again on Sunday for some shopping. First, however, Josh decided to suprise me with breakfast again!

I admit, I was clueless at first when I started seeing some of the ingredients, but then when he pulled out the deep fryer – I knew. Monte Cristos! Josh decided instead of normal lunch Monte Cristos, to turn them into real breakfast sandwiches, so they were done with eggs, ham, and cheese. Most impressive of all was how he managed to run all of the stations he had set up at one time. 😉


I just tried to stay out of the way, flip bacon as needed and play with Ziggy. Who knew that plastic eggs could offer a cat hours of enjoyment?

Oh yeah, and because Josh wasn’t sure the sandwiches were enough, I threw together what we had in the cupboards and made a pear cobbler sort of thing that I baked in the oven. Nothing too impressive, but I can see how good it could be with fresh pears and perhaps a few other additions.

After stuffing ourselves completely, we headed out towards Target, and then made a quick detour. Twice a month or more, we drive past an antique store and finally decided to stop there as well as another antique store. I am now lusting after several vintage purses and a variety of other random items. We didn’t leave empty-handed, though! We found a Strawberry Shortcake glass to add to our collection of 80s cartoon glasses as well as this cute set of encylopedias from 1952 for Mothers and a 1930s Psychology book as well as a 1937 copy of Gone with the Wind.


Here, kitty kitty

I finished reading a really good “cat” book the other day called ‘Homer’s Odyssey’ and couldn’t help but marvel at Homer the Wonder Cat. If you already own cats, you know just how special and unique they are, and this just confirms it. I’ve never had a blind pet or known anyone with one, and it was kind of amazing to see how Homer lived and got by (granted he never saw anything – his blindness was from kittenhood, so this might have made a difference in his attutide and resilience). Still, I can only imagine this blind streak of lighting running around and jumping onto high shelves and whatnot.

Our own cats have been feeling a bit neglected lately since I started school. Uzi can’t seem to understand why I’d rather stare at a screen than him and why I won’t let him sleep on my keyboard while I work. Then he wanders about the house yowling in distraught. Sometimes I forget just how much attention he needs. Ziggy, can usually take you or leave you, but even she has been extra cuddly lately. That could be due to cold temperatures, however. Aren’t cats funny?  Such incredibly distinct personalities.

We may actually be adding to our pets this weekend, as well. Josh has been wanting something reptilian in nature, so we may go take a look at different options this weekend, something like a smaller sized chameleon perhaps.



Starvation Heights

My current book of choice is Starvation Heights by Gregg Olsen. You can check out the site here: http://www.starvationheights.com/. I’m about half way through and it’s proving to be an interesting read. It’s astounding really the things people believed in regards to health and some of the ridiculous things that doctors were allowed to get away with until too many people died from these so-called treatments. In this book Linda Burfield Hazzard’s treatment is starvation – a “fasting cure” and this story is about two of her more wealthy and well-known patients who were heiresses to a very large fortune, Clare and Dora Williamson – one of which died and the other barely survived. Patients of Hazzard’s treatment were kept on diets of a cup or two of tomato broth a day and little else for upwards of 45 days to 100 days until they were literally skin and bones and most could barely walk. This picture is of Dora who was 60 pounds when a family friend finally rescued her from the sanitarium.

Along with starving the patients, they were given daily enemas – sometimes lasting for hours and extremely painful and doing a strange osteopathic massage that involved roughly thumping her fists against patients’ heads, stomachs and backs.
Who can say what led people to actually go and submit themselves to this treatment, but once they committed themselves, they were at the hands of Hazzard and her husband. Maybe like the Williamson sisters they were naive and overly trusting and hypocondriacs willing to try anything and believing almost anything – most giving the Hazzard’s money and control of their finances – misguided and taken advantage of while delirious with hunger.
Perhaps even more amazing is that after starving at least a dozen people to death with her treatment, Hazzard eventually died herself from starvation from her own cure. She actually believed in her treatment. she even performed autopsies on patients who had died and never put two and two together that their organs were shruken because of the starvation and that they didn’t die because the organs were bad, which is what she believed.

Eye Contact by Cammie McGovern

This month’s book is about a young autistic boy who witnesses the murder of a fellow classmate. It took a while for the book to really draw me in and then even when it did, it felt like it was hard to feel close to any of the characters. I didn’t feel like I had been given enough to really know any of them. The author seemed intent on keeping you guessing and scratching your head, which is great – in moderation. I think I’ve read maybe a handful of books with autistic characters, though, so it was interesting, especially when I found out the author has a son who is autistic, so she’s writing from actual experience when it comes to that aspect of the novel. I really didn’t feel emotionally attached to the book, though (I tend to really get into books when I read them). It wasn’t particularly thrilling, and while parts of it were definitely mysterious, the writing often felt scattered.

So after reading that I moved on to “Dewey” which I read in two days and laughed and cried and if you’re a cat lover than you have to read it!

How can you not love that face?! He truly sounded like a very special cat.