Friday Funday!

We have a low-key weekend ahead of us, which is always kind of nice. Perhaps I’ll get to some organizing since the kids are always outgrowing clothes and I need to put away the smaller sizes for our garage sale next year.  I’m actually excited about having a garage sale… I love the getting ready part of organizing and setting up.  Weird, I’m sure.


This rant on baby advice is so true.

A little quiz on what international city you should live in.

I’m apparently a Rio gal: You’re the girl (or guy) from Ipanema! The colors and flavors of Rio are vibrant and inspiring—just like your soul. You admire contemporary art and carefree, tropical fashion. You also love spontaneous nights spent dancing in the street and look forward to days bronzing on the beach.

Finding inner zen in 5 minutes. I should probably print this out and read it now.

And… Marriage on Instagram v. Marriage in Real Life. 😉  via Sometimes Sweet

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