One day I’ll get stuff done…

While it’s fantastic that baby girl is getting around all by herself, it also means I have to be that much more on my toes and constantly have one ear and one eye on her and her brother.  Enzo is perfectly fine running around and causing chaos, but wherever he goes, he has a shadow and that shadow is still unsteady on her feet and trying to pull herself up on everything.


She also has the cutest pout ever.


Just kidding – I’m totally happy.

She used to spend more time in her bedroom, but has decided that the real action is in her brother’s room or our room… or the living room, or anywhere other than her room.  While I don’t mind if they happily play together in whichever room, there is always something around for her to get into that big brother has left out.  Like stickers, or small pieces of plastic that I have no idea what they’re from or for. Thankfully right now she mostly sticks with cars and trains and books.  All fairly harmless.  Our house will never look the same again, though…

Life2  Life1

And this is on a good night/afternoon.  Usually there are balls everywhere and all kinds of hidden surprises.  Perhaps those minimalists have the right idea…

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