Friday Funday!

I don’t know about you, but my Friday got off to a fun start.  Our toddler woke up happy (after finally sleeping through the night after 3 nights of tossing and turning and crying on and off), however, his mood went downhill fast and he ultimately was carried out to the car while screaming.  About halfway through the drive, his mood finally lifted – I was thrilled!  I could hear giggling from him and his sister, and took a peek in the mirror only to realize they were laughing because Enzo was tearing apart his toast and throwing it all over the back seat.  Sigh.  So… Friday!

Considering I had surgery last week, this article about how anesthesia works was interesting.

The answer to why your body does that flailing thing right before you fall asleep.

An interesting read about a couple of MLM essential oil companies and certain claims they make.

If Michael Bay directed Up.

And, finally. We went ahead and watched Divergent last night… and sadly it followed the books fairly closely, which meant that for the first 3/4 of the movie Josh was confused and experienced the same “Wait… what?” moments I had while reading the book. Watch this trailer instead. 😉

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