The cat.

While the cats still tend to stick to their own territory rather than spend a great deal of time with the kids, Uzi has his moments where he likes to get snuggly with Miss Phoebe.


Enzo is still a little too loud for him, and unfortunately has gotten into the habit of saying, “No, kitty!” a lot, but only because we’ve had to also say that quite frequently as Uzi won’t stay off the kitchen table or counters.  Now, we just have to teach Enzo when kitty is actually being naughty and when he isn’t.


There are also those moments when Enzo doesn’t want kitty pushing him over (even if it is out of love), and in that case, Phoebe can’t really do anything about it so Uzi is free to give her as many head-butts as he wants to.


I don’t remember Uzi being quite so lovey with Enzo when he was a baby, so we’ll see how things change as our Toots gets older.  For now, though, it’s kind of sweet when Uzi curls up in bed between Phoebe and I, and gently puts a paw on her arm.


I think she enjoys it, even if she seems a little confused as to just what the strange furry creature is doing, and why it won’t stop so she can chew on it like her other soft toys. 😉


Weekly Prompt – Beauty

I am once again participating in Sometimes Sweet’s weekly journal prompts, and this week the prompt is:

How would you say your upbringing or background has shaped your idea of beauty? Were you taught to apply makeup or do you hair by your mother or friends? If not, where did you observe what is now your norm as far as beauty practices? And although most of us have been inundated by different cultural beauty “norms” via the media, would you say that television and magazines have had a strong impact on shaping what you think of as beautiful? This week, write about your idea of beauty- how your background has shaped it and what that means for you today.

What exactly is my idea of beauty? Without a doubt it has changed and evolved over the years, and has been influenced by so many things, both good and bad. I’m not entirely sure where and when it all began, though.

download (2)

I was a tomboy in my younger years, so my interest in makeup and fashion developed a bit later in comparison to many of the girls I grew up with. I don’t remember when I started wearing makeup, but when I did it was minimal and based on what I liked – not necessarily on what was trendy. The same went for clothing – I didn’t necessarily dress with the goal of being “cool.” I wore what I wanted regardless of what anyone else thought. I don’t think I was taught how to apply makeup or do my hair, but I’m sure I probably picked up on how to do it by watching my older sister.

As I got older, at some point I developed an unhealthy view of what was beautiful based on what I saw in magazines and also on what I heard from women around me. I was always thin when I was younger and sometimes got teased because of my gangly arms and legs, but as I got older the comments became something else entirely. I would get remarks on my weight and size that could be either positive or negative, and while some were harmless, many came from a place of jealousy and so I became slightly obsessed with numbers, keeping tabs on my weight and trying to stay at a number that I realize now was not healthy.

I think it changed when I finally got my mental health taken care of. I literally gained a good 10-15 pounds after I met Josh, and it didn’t really matter because I felt happy. I admit that post-baby I once again bounce back and forth between feeling beautiful and feeling very self-conscious about my body, but now I’m in a place where I don’t even care about the numbers. While physically I would like to tone some areas, beauty to me has changed – it comes in so many shapes and sizes. I’ve accepted that I’ll never look the way I did when I was in my early 20s, and I’m okay with that – my goals have changed. I don’t even care if I never fit into my old sizes again… I’m not falling for that trap that you have to be a size 2 to be beautiful and happy. My husband thinks I’m beautiful and his opinion is really the only one I care about aside from my own. 😉


I’ve seen other bloggers do a variation of what they are currently up to, so I thought I’d do the same thing since often it doesn’t fit anywhere else.



I’m currently reading a couple of books right now. I just finished The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman, and I’m still reading Jo Frost’s Toddler Rules, as well as starting up The Midwife: A Memoir of Birth, Joy, and Hard Times by Jennifer Worth. I’m addicted to Call the Midwife on PBS, so it only makes sense that I read Jenny’s memoirs. As for the other books… The Dovekeepers was a good read – a long one, though. Considering how little time I have to read it took me a while to get through since it was over 500 pages.  I’ve always enjoyed Alice Hoffman’s books, though, and this one was good despite being a tad depressing.  We’re also trying to learn how to better manage toddler tantrums, and are doing our best to incorporate some of Jo’s tips from her book into our lives in the hopes that it will make a difference.


The usual line up: ‘The Neighbors’ and ‘Parenthood’ and ‘Call the Midwife,’ which I’m very excited about.  It’s such a good show with a great cast, and really touching storylines.  I love the historical aspect of the show, as well as the characters, and I’m interested in seeing how the show compares to the book(s).

As for movies… we’ve watched a handful lately, including ‘Frozen.’  I really enjoyed it for the most part, especially the nice Disney plot twist. It was refreshing to see them let go (no pun intended) of the standard love equation they’ve been using since the beginning. I did think there was a tad too much singing, however, and they could have done without a few songs which felt more like fluff and filler than necessity.  We (or rather I) have decided we should watch some of this year’s Oscar nominated films, so the first up was ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’ We may be some of the only people who didn’t think this was Best Picture worthy. The acting was phenomenal, without a doubt, but it was way too long and the ending just left us… meh. The whole movie was just… meh, with a really great cast.

One movie that didn’t disappoint was ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier.’  The plot is good, it’s got some fun surprises, and it’s pretty much awesome.  Go see it.


A lot of fruits and veggies due to participating in my office’s “Score More!” challenge, which is challenging everyone to eat more servings of fruits and veggies.  Supposedly there is a reward at the end, which admittedly is a nice motivating factor, but I’m also trying to slowly get more fit and toned since it’s been almost 5 months since Phoebe was born and I’d really like to change my shape a bit. Now if only I could find more time to actually work out.  Priorities, priorities.


The change in the weather!  Josh was able to get our new picnic table put together since our old table only had two chairs, so now we can eat outside on warm days as a family, and have more seating outside in general, which is always nice. I’m looking forward to making it a relaxing space on our deck with some potted plants and some salad veggies.  We’ll have more veggies in the actual yard, but I don’t always want to go downstairs for fresh veggies for dinner.  I think we’ve all been in a better mood with the warmer weather, and Enzo has been thoroughly enjoying running around outside.

Thinking About

A little bit of everything, really.  Mostly I think about the weather and gardening and what I’d like to do outside. I have so many ideas, but alas, they all take money and time, and I don’t have a lot of either. 😉  Most I’m sure could be done cheaply, but the time thing is still an issue. Being a parent certainly means you never have a lack of things to do, that’s for sure. It gets easier, though.  I don’t necessarily like using the TV as a babysitter, but Enzo is at the point now where he’ll sit through almost an entire movie (like Frozen), which is so helpful when I just need some time to get a few things done.  I know it’ll get easier/harder as Phoebe gets older too.  On the one hand she’ll be less bored once she can sit on her own and then crawl, but on the other hand that could also mean I need to watch them both more carefully. Phoebe and I are both getting more use out of our carrier, though.  I was ecstatic when she fell asleep in it over the weekend. It’s so helpful to have both hands free when she wants/needs to be held. Now if only I could talk Enzo into letting me wear him on my back rather than trying to balance him on my hip. He gives a pretty vehement “No” when I suggest it, though. Alas…

5 Months

Where to begin?  I don’t want to sound nauseatingly mushy, but our little Phoebe is beyond sweet and I just want to squish her constantly.


At 5 months old, she is a rolling champ; however she is not always a fan of being on her tummy.

She loves her mobile and will happily smile and kick away in her crib when you turn it on, which is helpful in the morning when she and her brother get up early and we’re rushing around trying to get everyone ready for the day.


She has an infectious laugh when you’re lucky enough to hear it, otherwise her gummy grins are just as enjoyable.

We’ve been working on sitting, but she’d much rather stand and skip that process all together.  She has also been trying to work out the mechanics of crawling, but has some work to do.


Bath time is one of her favorites and she’s even squirmier than her brother was.  We discovered the best way to bathe her is to fill the tub about an inch or so with water and lay her down on a bath mat so she can kick and splash to her little heart’s content.

Uzi approves of her, however, I think her herbal lotion might have something to do with that.  Either way, it’s kind of cute watching him head-butt her and at night he’ll curl up between us and often have a paw on her arm.


She’s a happy and mild tempered girl with wide eyes that see everything and take it all in.


My little, Phoebe, you truly are a bright and shining light.