Week 29

Another week down, and we’re slowly getting closer and closer. I just realized this morning that we’re only 10 weeks away from our due date tomorrow.  I definitely don’t feel ready yet, and that need to “nest” is kicking in.  I’m sure I’ll feel better once we can finally start putting together nursery furniture and can get everything in order.  Sometimes I think we’re a little crazy to have two kids so close together in age, but the craziness will only last so long, right?

Week 29

I’m sure Enzo will be the perfect little helper once Baby Girl arrives. 😉  This past weekend he’s been helping throw garbage away in the trash!  He was helping to clean off his highchair and knew to throw the dropped pieces of food into trash, so that was awesome.  Less awesome was me seeing him with my cell phone run over to the garbage can and hearing him say “Bye Bye” as he prepared to toss it in.  I guess we’ll have to work on what’s trash and what’s not…

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