A Day at the Swimming Pond

While Enzo may still be uncertain about lakes, we did find the perfect place to try and get him to warm up to a larger body of water than the bathtub.  We’ll check out a swimming pool one of these days, but in the meantime, a shallow man made swimming pond was perfect for his second water experience.


Since he fell asleep on the way there, he was a bit groggy as we got him in his swimwear and set up our towel and beach stuff.  He was very cautious about getting close to the water, so we stood him in the wet sand and just let him check everything out.  Then we put him a little closer with his feet in the water and he seemed good, so we had him sit down on the sand with his feet in the water. The whole time he was kind of quiet and Josh started building him some sand towers, but as soon as we ventured a little further out and he fell on his butt in the water, he started crying.  We decided to break for lunch, and that made all the difference.


After lunch he started gaining a lot more confidence, and with a full belly he watched the kids around us and started to have more fun playing with his toys and was even okay with walking out a little further in the water.  We’d sit in the water and he’d dump sand on his legs and it was a lot of fun for him.  There was another little boy with his grandmother who was eyeing Enzo’s dump truck, so we all talked for a bit and coaxed the two kiddos to try and play together.  They took turns pushing the truck for a few minutes, and then Enzo decided he had all the confidence in the world and was ready to run out into the water and all over the beach… talk about a 180.


I’m definitely looking forward to more water time with the kiddo, and there should be a few good days left in the summer to go back to the pond, but we’ll probably need to check out a pool as well. We’d really like to get him started in swimming lessons at some point – preferably this Fall, but we’ll see how that goes.  Since I can barely swim, it’s a high priority of mine that our kids learn early.



Week 25

These weeks have kind of blurred together in my mind.  I don’t have nearly as many appointments as I did with Enzo, and it really doesn’t change all that much from week to week.  My next appointment isn’t until 28 weeks when they do the Glucose Screening, and I’m not too worried about that. If anything it just takes a while since you have to hang out for an hour and all that fun stuff. Plus, I generally eat first thing in the morning, and I’m not supposed to eat for 8 hours prior. My stomach is grumbling just thinking about not getting my 5:30am bowl of cereal.

Week 25

As for activity, Baby Girl has been much more active lately.  It’s been fun watching my belly start to move around when she’s really dancing.  So far, she hasn’t cooperated when I try to let Enzo feel her, though.  Josh has gotten to feel some of her acrobatics as well, especially after I drank some sweet tea. Ha ha. At least I know how to get her moving when I feel paranoid. 😉

Week 25-2

Flashback Friday

I can’t remember exactly how old I was when I first moved out with my sister.  I can’t even find many pictures from our first place together, which is odd… I know they’re around somewhere.  It was a trailer… swanky, I know.  We lived together for a while and then moved into a bigger trailer – this time a much nicer double-wide, with some decent views.


I think that was one of my favorite things about living in the country – we had quiet neighbors.


Admittedly, the neighbors often woke up early on the weekends and could actually be a little rowdy.  There was also the occasion when the cows would get out and use the side of the trailer as a scratching post, which if you aren’t expecting it, can be a tad startling.  Hey, I was living alone at that point and it was dark – I didn’t know what was going on outside.  Stupid cows.


I can’t remember how long I lived in Casa #2, but finally the high cost of living alone and paying propane bills prompted me to beg my brother to move into an apartment in town, which he did. Not nearly as much space, and not nearly as nice of a view, but I guess that’s the natural progression of things.

A Day at the Zoo

Getting a zoo membership was definitely one of our better decisions.  At first we weren’t sure because of the drive, but we’ve already used it three times and considering toddlers sometimes only last a couple hours, you don’t feel like you’ve wasted any money by leaving early.


Last Sunday ended up being just perfect for a visit to the zoo. The weather was nice and we got there a little earlier in the day, so it wasn’t super busy yet.  Most of the animals were snoozing, but Enzo seems to enjoy people watching just as much (if not more than) animal watching.


This time his favorite animals were the prairie dogs, and he tried to climb out of Josh’s arms into their enclosure, which would have been adorable, but probably frowned upon. We also had another big first – he actually held my hand to walk for a bit.  This soon ended once it got more crowded, though, and hand holding was no longer appropriate, but running was.



The other favorite of the day was the draft horses. We ventured over to the farm area because we figured it would be a good place to eat lunch (and it was), plus Enzo got to pet some cows, was freaked out by the goats, and fell in love with the horses.  When we started walking away from them, he headed back and was a little upset that he couldn’t stay longer or touch them.  Guess we need to find someone with a horse. :p



Week 24

As can be expected, not much has changed this week, though our Baby Girl remains fairly active.  I notice her mostly in the mornings after I’ve had breakfast and again in the evening usually.  It feels like she’s probably breech right now – she rarely seems to turn around so it’s still hard to feel kicks from the outside right now unless it’s one of those times she decides to flip.

Week 24

Enzo is doing good and his naughty personality is beginning to come through. Apparently at day care the other day he grabbed a toy and said, “No, mine.”  Not sure what to think of his first phrase. Ha ha.  He’s actually really good at sharing for the most part.  When we stop by he’s often trying to give kids toys, so we’ll just keep that up.  Plus, it makes it easier as he gets older so that when other kids don’t share, he won’t get as upset and will be able to brush it off and be happy with something else.


He’s been visiting the toddler room a lot and we were told September 2nd for sure he’ll be moved, if not sooner.  He’s more than ready and super excited to be over there – he makes a beeline for the toddler room when he can and he has such a good time, he often doesn’t want to come home with us. It was actually the funniest thing the other day – I came to pick him up and he definitely wasn’t ready. He wanted to go to Miss Amanda instead of me – ran to her, in fact – then when she asked if he wanted to go home, the stinker shook his head no.  To top things off (and really make me laugh) there is a little play house in the Infant room with short walls and a little door, so when Amanda stood up and asked him again, he ran into this little play house, shut the door, sat down, looked at me and shook his head no.  While it makes pickup really difficult – he’ll cry and tantrum a bit – I’m really, really glad he likes day care so much. It leaves me completely at ease knowing he’s happy there during the day, and what more can a parent ask for? He’ll usually calm down once we’re in the car and then be in a fine mood when we get home and he can have a snack.



This kid is a bottomless pit and would just continually eat if we let him.  Even if he’s decided he’s done with dinner, if I open the fridge and he sees the blueberries, he’ll grab them and start going to town.  I fear his teenage appetite to come.