I think things are finally on the way back to normal here on the home front.  After pretty much a month of constant health issues, we all seem to be up and running again and functioning much better than before.

Yesterday was also Enzo’s 9 month check-up as the wee man turned 9 months old on Sunday. Everything looked good!  He’s 21.4 lbs and 28.5″ long, and thankfully in good health.


He is getting better and better at pulling himself up on everything and likes to try and balance by standing on his own… which doesn’t last long, so now we’re just trying to avoid tragedy by making sure there’s nothing behind him in case he falls backward too hard, however, that doesn’t help when he decides to fall forward. Whoops.  I have a feeling this boy is going to keep us on our toes.  😉

Here’s to a much better February!


2 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. I love that smile, especially the top picture he looks like he would love to do something naughty, hahaha, oh how I love my grandbabies.

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