“Food Should Be Fun” ~ Thomas Keller

We’ve been continuing introducing new foods to Enzo with mixed results.  It was definitely funny to see his many reactions when we decided to try peas as a first veggie after we tried out rice cereal and oatmeal. At first, he wasn’t thrilled.

But, he seemed to get more into it as we tried some more.

He seemed to be more interested in trying to use the spoon himself, but we got some laughs and he did manage to eat quite a few spoonfuls.

The next few days with peas were hit and miss, so we didn’t force it and moved along to carrots.

Enzo did not seem terribly interested in carrots, which didn’t surprise me too much, and when he showed little interest in them the next day, we gave it a break – I also got sick, so our nightly routine got a little out of whack. His new fascination, however, became the bowl.  He didn’t care about the spoon… or the food, just the bowl.

So, since he didn’t seem too keen on carrots, I thought maybe he’d like sweet potatoes as they’re a tastier vegetable (in my opinion).  So, tonight we gave it a try, but once again there was little interest in being spoon fed and more interest in chewing on the bowl. At one point, though, he did grab the spoon and proceeded to hit the bowl, and then what looked like to us, attempted to feed himself.

Towards the end he seemed to get a little frustrated, and I’m thinking we may give solids a little bit of a rest.  Our little independent stinker has me thinking that purees might not be the route to go with him after reading a few baby-led weaning sites.  He wants to do so much for himself, that I’m wondering if he might respond better to food if he was able to take more control and feed himself?  I’m not expert, obviously, so I’m going to do a little more research and see what we can do to meet his needs best.

Granted, he could just be teething, so he’s just not interested in really trying new foods right now at all.  :p  It’s never straight-forward is it?  Ha ha.  I am really wondering about the teething thing, though. Josh and I tried to get a good look today after I thought I felt something when Enzo started gnawing on my finger.

I’d like to say we have more going on lately, but not really.  I managed to get food poisoning or the flu… thankfully neither Josh or Enzo got sick, so at least that.  Otherwise, life is grand!


2 thoughts on ““Food Should Be Fun” ~ Thomas Keller

  1. Try mixing a little bit of the veggies in his cereal and see if he likes that. It does help if you have something for him to chew on while you are trying to feed him, that way he thinks he has the control while he has something in his hand and then you can sneak food in, it use to work with you guys anyway. He is so sweet, I can’t believe he gives you a hard time 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t say it’s a hard time necessarily, he’s just going at his own pace and what’s to do it his way. 🙂 I think I will pick up some of those mesh things you mentioned to see if he likes that at all for the moment. I’m wondering if it’s just the teething thing since all he wants to do is gnaw on the bowl. Haha. :p

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