So Long, 2011

Looking back it’s been a fun year in which we got to do a lot of exploring of the U.S. and just had enjoyed the time we had at home.  So, I chose a random spattering of pictures from this past year that helps sum it up.

January brought cold temps and swans!

Our first Valentine’s as a married couple

Went to lots of a museums this year!

Began creating family traditions like our weekend breakfasts among scavenger hunts and other things.

Went on our awesome honeymoon road trip to places like:

Oh, and celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary!

Josh always knows what to get a girl for special occasions. 😉

Saw a lot of cool classic cars.

Spectacular sunrises!

Did a few more weekend trips as the year began winding down.

Took a walk on the beach in California in November…

But by far, the biggest adventure of all was started this year, and what that was when we decided to start our family.

Looking forward to an amazing 2012 with some really big adventures ahead!

One thought on “So Long, 2011

  1. This is a great post, what a year. I hope the next one is as great as this year has been, it will definitely be an adventure. 🙂

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