Hooray for warmer weather and gardening! I got as early of a start as I could in the garage, a weekend or two ago.  The wind was just too cold for me to sit in, and try to put plants and seeds in pots.

Once it started warming up, though, it was much easier to continue, and now we’ve got quite a little garden started with a ton of lettuce that I’ll need to thin out – those and the Morning Glories are the only seeds to have sprouted so far – We’re waiting on carrots and spinach and… something else. :p

Otherwise we have a tomato plant, some peppers, broccoli, strawberries, and some grass for the cats to munch on when they’re outside with us. I’m so excited for everything to start really growing, and only hope they make it through any upcoming storms.  We’re supposed to get a big one tomorrow night, so I’ll be moving them against the house under the overhang… hopefully that will be enough.

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