Just Ask Gumba…

I love old books, and after acquiring some over last weekend, it was Josh who had a great idea for the ‘ole blog. I have several books from the 50s that cover all the important things a woman from the time might need to know, and my latest find, A Mother’s Enclopedia, prompted Josh to come up with the idea to share this knowledge. This handy little set covers everything from Accidents to Maternity to Prostitution to Smoking and Worry, everthing a parent might need to address. It’s interesting how some advice has never changed and humorous reading the advice of the times when it comes to other topics. So, starting tomorrow, I’m beginning Coffee with Gumba. Why Gumby’s mom? Why not?

Okay, the real reason is because when Josh and I were reading about how to talk to your kids about prostitution, we both simultaneously heard the voice of Gumby in our heads. “Mother, what’s prostitution?” It was all downhill from there…

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