Happy Holidays!

Do ever just want to hide away somewhere and be completely cut off from everything? Oh, how I wish Josh and I could just disappear someplace for a while.  We’re going to have a busy year, and it would be nice to have complete seclusion – no phones, no computers. I imagine holing up in a cabin someplace and sitting in front of a fire with books in hand and my head rested on his shoulder as we dream of the things to come and make more plans for the things we want to accomplish and do before and after our first wee one arrives. It does all seem so far away at times, though.

Ah well, the holiday season is definitely upon us, and I hope that when we do have a child, it’s a boy, and that he has Josh’s curly hair and mischievious grin – the one I have such a hard time saying “No” to. 😉

In the meantime, I managed to catch a lovely viral infection (doctor thinks it’s Mono) so while it is definitely impeding on my general mood and energy, I shall try and make the best of it and stay in a celebratory mood.

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